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10 fantastic tips to stay healthy and active this Ramazan

I know, you all are super excited for Ramazan, but the thought of you not eating and drinking for a big chunk of the day especially when it is high summer, making you addled already.

Trust me, with a little push to adopt healthy lifestyle and eating habits, you can make the best of the month and that too, without getting drowsy.

Simply follow these tips and I bet, you will thank your lucky stars you read this article.


1. Dates first, please


We usually break our fasts with dates, but those who do not must start exercising this practice.

Dates are an extremely important source of energy and sugar at the same time. They tend to refill the energy level in your body that you lose during the long hours of fasting. Highly rich in fibre, magnesium, and potassium, they also improve digestion.


2. Drink a lot of water


Summer is at its peak. Temperatures are going up and so the number of water-filled glasses must this Ramazan.

Make sure you have enough intake of water after you break your fast so that you do not feel dehydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the night and if you can add on 2-6 glasses, it will be a plus. Fresh juices should also be part of your diet.


3. Deal with thirst


When you know already temperatures are soaring as high as 45 degrees in the country, you do not want to eat thirst-supporting foods.

Avoid spicy and salty foods, for instance, processed food items, pickles, and salted nuts etc. Such foods only boost your thirst levels during fasting. Instead, you should consume a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables.


4. Do not get over-excited


People find it difficult to resist the temptation to eat iftar delicacies. OK, get this guys – You cannot eat everything.

You will be eating anyway till the next fast, so please be good to yourself at the time of iftar and do not eat too much. Take a break from Iftar, if you feel full. Overeating can cause common problems of stomach issues and bloating that most people face during Ramazan.


5. Keep your iftar balanced


Maybe, your favourites for iftar are fruits, fried samosas or a bowl full of yummy fruit chat. Whatever it may be, your overall iftar should be balanced.

Make sure, your iftar should have sources of proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats and oils and instead of relying heavily on your preferred food item only, make certain you take small sections of every available source of food.


6. Make the right choice


Fried snacks, pakoras, and rolls become so inevitable during Ramazan that you cannot run away from them. But, you have got to be choosy.

Avoid fried items and pick whole grains, fish, and olive oil in moderation and whole fruits instead of their juices. Please ensure you have good sources of protein in Ramazan by eating meat, legumes, eggs and dairy products.


7. Shun sugary and salty food


Count your calories and watch your weight. Intake of sugary foods after iftar can cause bloated stomach and weight increase with poor digestion.

Making sure you always have the right portion of sugary foods without getting lethargic. Similarly, you must not have too salty or spicy food as they will only exaggerate your thirst levels, ultimately making your fast difficult.


8. No coffee pls


Coffee drinkers find it hard to cope with the stress and inactiveness of not having coffee during fast.

My advice: coffee lover must try to reduce their number of cups at least two weeks ahead of the holy month so that they do not have to deal with frequent headaches and sleepiness.


9. Sehri is a must


The idea behind keeping your iftar light is to have enough room for other important meals as well.

Keep your iftar light and dinners even lighter. However, your sehris should be rich and full of foods and drinks that can keep you hydrated and fully active. This will prepare your body and mind for a new day of fasting.


10. Say yes to exercise


Many of you start skipping your workouts during Ramazan because you think you just do not have the energy for it. Give it a try this Ramazan.

Gentle to vigorous exercise (depending on your energy level) should be a part of your days in Ramazan. Such sessions will further help you stay active without putting on weight.

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