10 reasons why Modi shouldn’t point fingers at Pakistan

Shahjahan Khurram
By Shahjahan Khurram June 11, 2015 13:51

10 reasons why Modi shouldn’t point fingers at Pakistan

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been issuing harsh allegations and nonsensical claims against Pakistan during the recent times. Undertaking trips to China and Bangladesh, Modi has spat venom against Pakistan and accused it of promoting terrorism. Here are ten reasons why we’ve had enough of Modi’s statements already!

1. Modi, you don’t scare us!   


India might be five times Pakistan’s size or be more economically advanced, yet the fact remains that we are not scared of it. Neither does Modi or his brash statements against Pakistan send jitters down our spine. We know for sure, sir, that your bark is louder than your bite!

2. Pakistan’s armed forces enjoy the confidence of the whole nation

Pakistan’s armed forces, be it the military, air force or navy, have the full confidence of the nation. Pakistanis stand behind their armed forces against any internal and external threat.

3. 2002 Gujarat riots exposed Modi for the vicious, barbarian that he is

As Chief Minister of Gujarat, Modi failed to contain extremist Hindus who killed an estimated 1,000 Muslims and further caused injury to the lives and property of thousands of Muslims. It is widely suspected to this day that Narednra Modi’s government was complicit in the mass killings of the Muslims, as they aptly failed to provide protection to the Muslim minority.

4. India has herself admitted to promoting terrorism in Pakistan! 

Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar openly stated a couple of weeks ago that India would ‘neutralize terrorists through terrorists’. If this isn’t an open confession towards promoting terrorism in Pakistan, I don’t know what is! Prime Minister Narndra Modi should take note of irresponsible and embarrassing statements that expose his own government’s malicious designs first, before dishing out warnings to Pakistan!

5. The pigeon fiasco…….. really?

India’s intel agencies and security forces are oh so ever vigilant that they foiled ISI’s perfect, diabolical plan to send a ‘spy pigeon’ fluttering their way! If that is the level of competency that the Indians can muster in the field of combat, I rest my case!

6. Narendra Modi- thy name is hypocrisy!

Whenever Pakistan objects to Indian aggression and atrocities in the Indian administered Kashmir, it has always led to the Modi administration raising a hue and cry about Pakistan interfering in India’s internal matters. However, during his recent trip to China, Modi told the Chinese authorities plainly that the China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor was unacceptable to India. Talk about hypocrisy!

7. Pakistan’s strategic importance and religious significance

Pakistan is not an ordinary state as such. A nation of 20 million people, Pakistanis are also neighbours to strategically important states such as Iran and China, with whom we have brotherly ties. Pakistan is an important and integral Muslim state that has the support of the Muslim countries of the world, were India to take any aggressive steps. Pakistan might not be as isolated as you think, Mr.Modi!

8. Mr.Modi, Pakistan is a nuclear armed state. Proceed with caution!

Dear sir, this is not 1971. Pakistan is a nuclear armed state that will do whatever it takes to ensure its survival and sovereignty. Hence, if I were you Mr.Modi, I’d proceed with caution and care!

 9. Better to concentrate on your own troubles

India might present an advanced and impressive image of itself in front of the world, whereas we know the dismal conditions facing the country itself. Reportedly, in India an estimated 179.6 million people live below the poverty line. Conflict should be the last thing on your mind at the moment, Modi!

10. Pakistan will never surrender to Indian tyranny

India must accept the fact that Pakistan will not respond to any cowardly threats by India. We are a separate and sovereign country, with our own state institutions and recognition in the world. The sooner India realizes its threats to Pakistan are futile, the better. Pakistan is here to stay and it is high time Modi’s moronic government realizes that!



Shahjahan Khurram
By Shahjahan Khurram June 11, 2015 13:51
  • Pakistani

    One more reason Modi needs to stop pointing finger at Pakistan:

    To point fingers you must come with clean hands and Modi’s hands are drenched in Muslim blood!


    haaahaha really funnyy

  • Shahzad Ali

    Shahjahan If you remember you were heavily criticised on your writing on your earlier article regarding 10 reasons why you would not vote for Imran Khan which was indeed very immature writing and it clearly lacked any logical and concrete arguments. Even I found your reasoning absurd and criticised you heavily point by point. I thought you would learn from the criticism you received and would improve for the next time.

    Well, to be honest, this article of your’s regarding modi is even a bigger disappointment. No logical points just wishful thinking. It does not show any kind of maturity and analytical thinking. For example your 10th point pakistan will never surrender to Indian tyranny, what kind of logic is that. Obviously we won’t but is this a point that should scare modi. Of course he also knows this and yet he continues to bark and be a threat.

    You are scaring modi that Pakistan will be supported by its muslim countries. A wishful thinking. Do you seriously think the Arabs will help us against any aggression from India after we refused to help them in Yemen. Afghanistan has already shown it’s clear inclination towards India. My dear boy we are isolated and no body will help in our time of need. So don’t think for a second that modi is afraid of other Muslim countries helping us.

    And do you really think that just because you have proved modi is a hypocrite then ethically he should back down from pointing figures at us. Are you naive? I think he made his intentions very clear to China.

    And you very well know that the pigeon fiasco was blown out of proportion from our side. RAW is not that stupid and incompetent as you would like to believe that you are resting your case on India’s inability to combat based on a pigeon fiasco.

    Well to cut things short and to come to the point, I was expecting much more then what you wrote. For example I was expecting you would talk about our strengths like SGS, which was declared the top special unit of army in the world. I was expecting you would have talked about how pentagon rates the Pakistan army far superior to Indians in short and tactical warfare. I was expecting you would talk about the results of the war games held again by pentagon in 2003 where 11 out of 11 times pakistan defeated, rather crushed, the Indians. What I was expecting was you talking about how Pakistan possess capability to penetrate deep into India and strike where they can’t even defend themselves. Also how economically it would be impossible for India to go to war with its neighbour. It will damage our economy as well but it would hurt India the most. All economists from across the globe are unanimous over their analysis that if ever India goes with war against Pakistan it would cripple the Indian economy and do more damage to the Indians then Pakistan.

    Your article was not that bad for an eighth grader but not for somebody as educated and old as you, my dear boy you need to rethink.

    You know one reason why you have not improved, just go back to the earlier article about Imran Khan and study your responses to the criticism you received. You will find out that rather than listening to the criticism you were trying to be witty. Your answers were smart ass answers and you thought you needed no improvement. Well you thought wrong. Redo your strategy and go write about entertainment or sports. This politics stuff is not your ball game. Come back when you are mature enough.

    Now I hope I don’t hear some smart ass response from you but if I do then it will further go to prove my point. Best of luck in the future.

  • Khalid Masoud Rehman Rao

    I think Mr.Modi has some other troubles and he want us or his people to divert the attention.We must be very careful even he is uttering fire from his mouth.He will not dare to come for fight because of both are nuclear power .Let him do the war with words,we must do the same with more aggressive way.

  • Naveed

    our one pigeon is enough for whole india (or we can say to make a hole in india), because we know the level of indian forces, hahahahaha

  • lieutenant kiffayat khan

    Modi who works at Tea Stall could ever think of pionting fingers on nuclear nation like Pakistan

  • S Roham

    Keep crying pakis. Thats what u r good at.

  • murtaza

    Our one pigeon is more then enough to scare india

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