Two toddlers die from anti-mosquito spray

KARACHI: Two toddlers were killed from anti-mosquito spray in Muhammed Ali Society area of Karachi on Monday, ARY News reported.

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Sources said residents of a house in Muhammed Ali Society were sick of abundance of mosquitoes in their house, therefore, they made their house spray with anti-mosquito medicines which resulted in death of two kids.

The toddlers, six-month-old girl, Mahar, and eight-month-old boy, Aziz, died because of lack of precautionary measures while spraying anti-mosquito medicines. A six-year-old boy, Umair, is in critical condition at National Institute of Child Health.

Residents of the area say that mosquitoes had growth in abundance due to lack of anti-mosquito spray by municipal corporation. The recent rains had brought up different kinds of insects which had affected many with dengue virus as well.

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Two toddlers die from anti-mosquito spray

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