UN HRC expresses concern on human rights situation in held-Kashmir

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By Web Desk October 4, 2016 18:57

UN HRC expresses concern on human rights situation in held-Kashmir

GENEVA: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein on Tuesday said that he is  seriously concerned about the human rights situation in Indian-Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

In a press briefing, spokesman Rupert Colville said that the commissioner have also expressed reservations about the rising tensions between India and Pakistan.

He urged both India and Pakistan to engage in a dialogue and to de-escalate the situation, as the inflammatory remarks on both sides only fuel the tensions and could result in a further deterioration of the human rights situation.

The UNHRC reiterated on their call to allow unfettered and unconditional access to Indian-Occupied Kashmir, and to be enable them to independently and impartially monitor the human rights situation.

It expressed willingness that it is ready to support efforts to de-escalate the situation.




Web Desk
By Web Desk October 4, 2016 18:57
  • Traveller

    The UN remarks are in itself in breach of taking notice of human rights violations committed by the indian state within Kashmir, and it is the indian state committed killing, torture and imprisonment of innocent Kashmiris which led to engage Pakistan with the voice of rights for Kashmiris as a whole. However the UN should realise that it is not Pakistan who provoked inflammatory remarks, but indian state trying to inflame LoC by false claims and killing of Pakistan soldiers.
    The UN needs to wear eye sight glasses to see and apply resolutions such as on Iraq and other states by punishing the indian states with conditions and they stop the atrocities at once, if UN comes to mediate at such a later stage after killings of around 100 Kashmiris and blinding several hundred, this is not justified for the implementation of human rights of Kashmiris, while indian state is committing openly the murder, rapes, torture and imprisonment of Kashmiris.

  • Dr.H.Mohan

    UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein is biased.He overlooks the genesis of all the problems in Kashmir which is due to terrorism and proxy war of Pakistan.Ofcourse, it is understandable because he apparently has a religious bias.That is the reason for his insular thinking.Thinking only of Kashmir and NOT of Baluchistan or POK.

  • al p

    The blatant hypocrisy disguised as humanitarian concern becomes obvious by this Arab prince’s blatant disregard for the thousands of dead Yemenese. That’s a very real ongoing genocide being perpetrated by Saudi Arabia. Leading a ‘human rights’ org chaired by Saudi Arabia, the Jordanian Prince abuses his role as a UN high commissioner to target India and further Sunni islamist supremacists demands around the world.

  • al p

    Nice talking points but still a total bunch of BS.Try and provide even 1 shred of evidence to back yr claims. This repeated application of Nazi style Goebbellesque propaganda stokes the sense of vicrimhood n bias of muslims but it remains false nonetheless. The entire anti india narrative depends on delusion and a total denial of reality.

    Going by the facts if history not only is Kashmir part of india the entire invented nation of Pakistan does as well. Thus the name India is rooted in the word Indus..you know the river that flows through the region.

    Based solely on the elitist oppressive idea that religion decides nationality Pakistan was ripped out of india. Now they want to continue this geographical butchery in Kashmir

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