18,000 litre toxic milk captured in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Government officials foiled a bid to transport toxic milk to federal capital Islamabad and confiscated 18,000 litres of unhygienic milk at Toll Plaza.

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Police personnel along with magistrate Abdul Hadi captured the milk at Toll Plaza, which was being transported to Islamabad from Bhera area.

A food inspector checked the milk with equipments and found traces of urea fertilizer in the milk samples.

The law enforcement officials also captured 750 kilograms of contaminated khoya- milk solids used in making of several traditional sweets.

Police arrested 15 accused carrying unhygienic food items and confiscated their 10 vehicles.

Local administration officials also foiled a bid to smuggle 2200 litres of diesel.

A number of poisonous food incidents that have claimed scores of lives have been reported in various parts of Punjab in past few weeks. In Layyah 32 people lost their lives after consuming toxic sweets.

In another incident 94 persons, including women and children, were hospitalized after consuming unhygienic milk in Faisalabad.

In Dera Ghazi Khan seven children of a family were hospitalized after eating poisonous vermicelli at their home.

Punjab Government has raided and sealed score of food shops and eateries over unhygienic production equipment and environment of the kitchen.

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18,000 litre toxic milk captured in Islamabad

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