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6 healthy foods to fight the flu

Medicines are not the only way to get rid of flu but you can also prevent it by eating few healthy foods. These foods will not only fight the flu but will also help you maintain a healthy diet.

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1. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin is kind of tasteless but it is really nutritious as its seeds are full of zinc. The zinc in pumpkin seeds helps the blood cells to fight illness and flu. You can use pumpkin seeds in your daily meal by sprinkling them over green salad and you can also add the chopped seeds to your hot or cold cereal.

2. Tuna Fish

Tuna fish is an excellent food that provides selenium. Tuna boosts the immunity and it protects cells from free-radical damage. Eating tuna fish in winters is a delicious way to avoid flu.

3. Mushrooms 

Mushroom is the best veggie which you enjoy in pizza and sandwiches but it is also packed with beta glucans that makes the body fight infection. You can try a yummy bowl of mushrooms soup to ward off winter.


4. Sweet Potatoes

The baked sweet potatoes are the best snack in winters and sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A. The vitamin A in sweet potatoes fights the free radicals that weaken the immune system. You can enjoy sweet potatoes by simply boiling them.


5. Green Tea

The easiest way to avoid flu is a hot cup of green tea. The amazing antioxidants in the green tea benefit your health without any doubt.

 6. Yogurt 

Yogurt is a healthy food and Probiotics present in it helps the body to maintain a strong immune system.

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6 healthy foods to fight the flu

by Hira