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8 things you should do for healthier & happier 2015

  1. Drink more water.This is a most common line but trust me it is the most important one, drink as much water as you can to look fresh. Nothing can make you look gorgeous the much water can.
  1. Eat more vegetables.The best thing for your body is veggies try different shades of green vegetables, fresh salad and even onions. Eat more and more nature food next year for healthy diet.
  2. Sleep hard: Unplug yourself from all the electronic devices for a good and sound sleep. Sleep half an hour early before the bedtime by keeping the room dark and quiet. A good sleep at night leads to a beautiful day ahead.
  3. Enjoy Nature:Make more connection with the nature, although the world is full of ease now as you can walk on treadmill and you can loose weight on stationary bikes but nothing can make you feel alive like nature does. Walking in the hill or park give you more satisfactory and soothing feel then running on treadmill. Try to reconnect with nature in 2015 you will feel amazingly pleasant.
  4. Schedule a checkup. You don’t need to see the doctor only when you are already sick. Schedule an annual check up with your doctor to know about your health. This will help you have a content year ahead.
  5. Get real & stop being hard on yourself. Most of us live our lives in denial, we don’t accept the things as they are and expect them to change to what we want. So, if your relation is not doing good get over it or if you are suffering from any trauma or ailment get real and get these things fixed. You are beautiful how you are so stop being so hard on you. May be you are not perfect or you don’t have a perfect house and all the perfect things but that’s all OK. Stop being hard on yourself you are doing your own loss.
  6. Volunteer: If you really want to feel content try volunteering yourself for a good cause. Try to support people or charity organization without asking anything in return, the happiness you will get in return by helping others is priceless.
  7. Show gratitude. Start your year for being thankful for what you have in life and value things. It is so powerful that it will help you love and appreciate everything around you. There is always something good even in the worst day so try to be thankful for that. Think about three things you are grateful for, every night before you go to sleep this will help you drift off to sleep with gratitude in your heart.


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