Pakistan interior minister downplays rumours of change in army leadership

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By Web Desk August 4, 2015 13:53

Pakistan interior minister downplays rumours of change in army leadership

Addressing a ceremony here, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said it is funny to talk about an action against the military leadership, adding, “The army chief is fully backed by the government and the nation”.

He said it is impossible that a few officials can force the army chief to leave.

Khan said Pakistan Army is a disciplined and professional force and Army Chief General Raheel Sharif is the most professional soldier and enjoys confidence of the entire nation.  He urged media persons and the nation to stand by the army as we are in a state of war.

Surprising political circles with his revelation, a PTI man, retired Brig Simon Sharaf, while speaking during a talk-show said the party had been in contacts with the ISI during the sit-in and claimed that then ISI director general Lt Gen Zeheerul Islam, along with a few others, was supporting the protest, anticipating an action against the army chief by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

It is reported that a telephonic conversation between Lt Gen Zaheerul Islam and some PTI men was played during a meeting between the prime minister and the army chief. Following the meeting, Gen Islam was also summoned to state whether General Sharif was backing him. The ISI chief replied in the negative, says a report, and it was established that the army chief was not behind troubles stirred after the sit-ins.

Speaking about the Islamabad sit-ins, the minister said he could write an entire book on it, but there is no good of it.

The Minister said a tracking system has been introduced in NADRA through which one can know the status of one’s CNIC. He said a citizen will have to come to the NADRA office for first time acquiring of CNIC for biometric verification.




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By Web Desk August 4, 2015 13:53
  • Sher Mohammad

    Allah, the glorious has made Pakistan an Islamic country, with a strong professional Army. However, except the Army, which too had better baptised it with “sabeel lillah”, placing it fullest trust in God and assimilated with the norms and ethos of religion, the civilian and religious segments are entirely out of focus. There is no democracy. Democracy didn’t accompany our independence. it is still a distant dream. As for religion, religion places stringent limitations and obligations on delivering onthe rights of the people. Politics is murky. There are more than half a dozen activists parties and pseudo religious one that have turned political. There is complete absence of Islamic flavour in political governance. There is an obligation for establishing performance of Salla by the state and there is an obligation on collection and distribution of Zakat. Distribution of Zakat is fully defined in Qur’an ‘s Surah At-Toba and the first recipients of it are the “Foqarah -beggars” and “Masakeen.” Rulers are liable for being dumped in the hell fire for not fulfilling these obligations. Let Sharee Bros. realise their fate with the heavens. Sit-ins (Dherna) is liable with severe divine punishment. All praise is Allah’s due and best good deed is defined with Allah’s “Zikr” (remembrance). Allah might replace us all with a better set of generation if we continue with our puppet show.

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