A war will begin if Asif Zardari is collared, says Khursheed Shah

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By Web Desk August 27, 2015 16:07

A war will begin if Asif Zardari is collared, says Khursheed Shah

Khursheed Shah was talking to media at Parliament House here today.

He said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz should understand that the political parties are support to each other. He said People’s Party doesn’t want to weaken the parliament and will fight against oppression while remaining in the parliament.

He urged for end of the ongoing arrests and said the government should not act in such a fragile manner. It’ll be beginning of a war if Asif Zardari will be detained, he warned. “We are ready to sit with the Prime Minister to decide on the stability of Pakistan.”

He said a province is being targeted and pushed towards destruction. “Every thing is happening in Sindh.” He urged for civilized treatment with Dr. Asim Hussain.



Web Desk
By Web Desk August 27, 2015 16:07
  • Patriot

    Yes Mr. Khursheed we know all you political thieves are supporting each other like a gang of dacoits, and covering each other’s back to suck the blood of the poor people of our beautiful country Pakistan.
    If you want war, then let there be war — just remember that the People of Pakistan will stand with the Army and Forces, not crooks like you and your minions!
    I wish our great military and people, together teach you a lesson in the art of war — and hang all you thieves by the neck on constitution avenue so no one will ever dare, in the future of Pakistan, to loot and plunder the people of this most noble country the way you and your cronies in other parties like PML have done . . vultures all of you . . .
    We the ordinary masses and people of the country are sick and tired of you — if terrorists could not shake the resolve of our great forces, how can most hated thieves and scoundrels like you and your clan and gang of dacoits ever even dream of fighting a “war” with them. Insha’Allah, Allah will make a lesson out of you and all your political cronies for the future generations of Pakistanis.
    Rise Pakistan rise!
    Bring it on Khursheed Shah, Dacoo Zardari, and Chor shareef , if not one person came our for Zulfikar Ali Bhutto when he was hanged, when he was considered the most popular leader of the country, not one will come out for you — you already know that, so stop wasting our time with your blabber, thief!

  • Ammar

    Sorry for the Disrespect but all dogs need to be Collared!!

  • Patriot

    You mean disrespect to the dogs by equating them to our politicians?

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