Adnan Sami to Pak authorities: India is my home and I love it. Get over it!

Indian pop singer Adnan Sami Khan lashed out at whom he referred to as ‘Senior Pakistani officials’ and told them in tweets that he loved India and they should get over it.

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Adnan Sami Khan is apparently involved in a row with the Pakistani government. The Indian singer has time and again voiced his desire to renounce his Pakistani citizenship in favour of an Indian nationality. He evenly tweeted how his heart was always in India, which he considered his home.

Following such remarks by Adnan Sami, a local report stated that Pakistan had refused to issue a ‘renunciation of citizenship certificate’ to the prolific singer. The certificate is a must, since without it Sami cannot get his Indian nationality.

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Adnan Sami Khan had been granted stay in India for an indefinite period, after his Pakistani passport had expired and he hadn’t renewed it. Apparently, Adnan Sami seems to have had enough of all the drama surrounding his passport and citizenship. In a series of tweets, he burst out and alleged that ‘senior Pak officials’ were lying and that he had written no such letter in which he used insulting words for his Pakistani citizenship.

Will Adnan Sami be able to successfully renounce his citizenship or will further problems hinder his desire to seek Indian nationality?

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Adnan Sami to Pak authorities: India is my home and I love it. Get over it!

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