Adnan Sami says “waited for a decade to get Indian citizenship”

MUMBAI: Pakistani singer Adnan Sami says he is in a state of numbness as he is not believing that “I have got Indian citizenship.”

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The singer, in an exclusive interview with Times of India, said “I have lived in different parts of the world and experienced a lot of things, but there are certain moments in your life which are life-changing, this is one of those, it is a milestone.”

Sami doesn’t seem to care for his statements about Pakistan back home.  “…And then there were people over there [in Pakistan] who were trying to unnecessarily be provocative, but I didn’t care.”

He relates his birth date ‘August 15’ as his destiny to be an Indian. “…I was born on August 15 — look at the irony, it could have been 14th, but no, He (God) made sure I was born on the 15th of August — so that was the hint number one.

And then I went to study in England and when I was doing my A-levels, I had to write a thesis in history on any world leader. I could have chosen Napoleon, George Washington… I chose Gandhi, that’s hint number two. A lot of people were like “are you sure you are going to be doing that” and I said “yeah, I have an admiration for him so I did that.”

He went on to detail that “My wife is from Germany, for example. I could have gone to Germany, but I wanted to go for India. I feel that a certain quest was there right from my birth, it’s just that the paperwork took 46 years.”

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