Afghan court sentences Faizullah Khan for four years

Kashif Imran
By Kashif Imran July 14, 2014 20:29

Afghan court sentences Faizullah Khan for four years

Faizullah Khan in the way of pursuing his journalistic responsibilities at Pak-Afghan border in April this year, had mistakenly crossed the border, where he was arrested by Afghan security agencies.

A local court in the eastern province of Nangarhar, sentenced Faizullah for four years of imprisonment, for entering into Afghanistan without travel documents.

Officials of the Pakistani Embassy in Afghanistan have also confirmed the sentencing.

A three-member bench of the court rejected spying allegations against the ARY News’ reporter.

On the other hand, South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) Afghanistan chapter has also been consulted regarding the release of Faizullah Khan, which has demanded Afghan authorities to inform SAFMA officials in Pakistan on the issue, in written.

It was further told that an appeal shall be made in the Afghan High Court against the penalty awarded to Faizullah Khan.

President of ARY Network, Salman Iqbal has been in touch with different officials on the issue, while he has also contacted Pakistani Consul General in Jalalabad, Habib ur Rahman Chaudhry, after which the Pakistani Embassy has sought the services of legal experts for pursuing the case of Faizullah Khan.



Kashif Imran
By Kashif Imran July 14, 2014 20:29
  • Mohammad Shuaib Hussain

    Woah and what about the 1.7 million Afghani illegals in Pakistan? Oh my goodness, what a nasty neighbour you are Afghanistan.

  • Ayesha yousuf

    Afghanistan has never been cooperative with Pakistan

  • tarzan capital

    If Pakistan started arresting Awgahnis on illegal border crossing, in one year half population of Awganistan would sentence to Jail in Pakistan…

  • Cindy

    Indian sponsored Kangroo courts……..Northern Alliance wants to be kicked out..

  • Afghan petriot

    come to our country as a guest
    But if are willing to come for something else like spying then with respect it is only four years,he should be hanged.

  • Ameer Anas

    Afghanistan has never played role of a sincere neighbor, but it has been an affable friend to INDIA. Afghanistan was against Pakistan in 1947 and still it is against our Flag.

  • Sameer

    The guy was spying for isi how can someone by mistake end up in a country n then goes to jalalabad trying to meet Taliban commanders

  • Ali

    OK fine then, hang all Afghans who have crossed Pakistani borders and are illegally living in Pakistan for more than 3 decades…Pakistan is feeding Afghan refugees, providing them shelters and what they have given us in return? Terrorism, illegal weapon smuggling, drugs?…They talk about Muslim brotherhood who are not even good neighbor. We should kick all Afghans out of Pakistan, and seal border, and also we should change our Afghan policy…they are snakes.
    Shame on puppet Afghan government.

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