Aitzaz seeks govt clarity on Yemen conflict

ISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader in the Senate Aitzaz Ahsan has asked the government to clarify to the Parliament whether Pakistan is sending forces to Saudi Arabia and becoming part of the war, ARY News reported.

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Speaking during the joint session of the Parliament here, he said we want peace and we are well-wishers and supporters of Saudi Arabia.

He asked where will Pakistani troops be deployed and who will command them.


Ahsan said Defence minister should have told the House that what will be considered as threats to Saudi territorial integrity. He opined that government must begin its diplomatic efforts to resolve the Yemen conflict.

He advised the government to call ambassadors of Muslim countries to seek their opinion on the Middle East situation.

“We will support the government provided we should be taken into confidence,” he told the house.

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Aitzaz seeks govt clarity on Yemen conflict

by Azhar Khan