All humans should act as flowers with each other: Taher Shah pens blog

Pakistani singer Taher Shah recently penned a blog in order to explain the ideology behind his latest song ‘Angel’.

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Taher Shah’s ‘Angel’ has caused quite a stir owing to its weird video and atrocious lyrics. The song however, managed to generate intrigue and interest among people worldwide so much so that it raked an impressive two million views in just forty-eight hours.

In order to explain the ideology of the song, Taher Shah has come up with a blog. Yes, a blog! In his blog (which he posted on his website) Taher Shah states that the ideology behind writing the blog was to highlight the fact that human’s were angels of mankind and that  ‘loneliness, love, and children are the key elements in his life,’ he writes.

Read the blog below and good luck understanding it!

Taher Shah



This is how Taher Shah concluded his blog:-

“With this belief that all of you will agree with my vision and will admire my thoughts in the form of this “Angel” song. Throughout the world to all my fans from the bottom of my heart I would request you all to Unite together with me and become “Angel” like humans and value humanities worth and diffuse love throughout the world. Like all of you humans are like “Angels” I am also like an “Angel”.

With Love and Respect

Taher Shah

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All humans should act as flowers with each other: Taher Shah pens blog

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