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Altaf warns of resignations of MQM MPs

In an exclusive talk with ARY News from London, Altaf Hussain directed the MQM members of the parliament to submit their resignations to the deputy convener of the party today.

The MQM chief termed the joint session of the parliament a show adding that the MQM will not become the part of the ‘corrupt’ and the outdated system.

Altaf Hussain said that the assemblies built with spending of billions of rupees in elections. He said 70 percent of the people in assemblies are unaware about the problems of people.

He said he was seeing the situation of sit-ins for last many days adding that the problems of poor masses have further aggravated.

He termed the joint session of the parliament a farce to befool the people.

He said the MQM will not become a part of this corrupt and outdated system.

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