American analyst predicts ‘bright future’ of Pakistan on economic front

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By Web Desk August 4, 2015 15:53

American analyst predicts ‘bright future’ of Pakistan on economic front

In his piece for the Forbes, Mr. Runde suggested U.S. policymakers and business leaders to look at Pakistan beyond the security lens. He said the United States ought to be Pakistan’s preferred partner given its 70-year relationship.

He wrote Pakistan will continue to experience attacks by fringe groups, but policymakers and investors need to stop operating as if the Pakistani Taliban is at Islamabad’s doorstep.

The writer believes that “Chinese investment is another reason why the United States should reassess its Pakistan calculus. Since Xi Jinping first announced the $46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in 2014, the project has quickly become the centerpiece of diplomatic relations between the two countries.”

“Pakistan is the world’s 26th largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity. Its national economic growth plan, Vision2025, aims much higher. With 90 percent of the country employed through SMEs, Pakistan has one of the most entrepreneurial economies in the world.”

He said negotiations for a U.S.-Pakistan Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) have stalled due to reservations on both sides, “but a successfully concluded BIT would be a strong signal of certainty and stability for US based investors interested in deeper engagement in Pakistan.”

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Web Desk
By Web Desk August 4, 2015 15:53
  • Rizwaan

    Since China’s investment in Pakistan and an announcement by Gen Raheel that China’s enemy is Pakistan’s enemy, the US eyes that were wide shut seems to be opening. This article might apparently be an indication of the changing US foreign policy towards Pakistan, since the media there closely works with the Government with regards to their foreign policies. But as we already know the US is directly involved in almost all the conflicts around not only the Muslim world, but many other countries as well, therefore it leaves a common person with common sense with no doubt that the US can remain sincere with any other country with Israel as an exception!

  • Achoo Bandri

    This article clearly states that America(ns) are still in shock! Nonetheless, Despite Indian and its allies are opposing China-Pak Corridor Deals. InshAllah this project will be completed successfully. Therefore, will automatically attract foreign investors to invest in Pakistan. However, Pakistan’s Government must work hard to get rid of Electricity and Gas shortage.
    By the Grace of Allah army is busy bringing peace in Pakistan InshAllah.

  • Rehan Khan

    Amazing post i really like it …
    Thanks for sharing…..

    Pakistan Web Online

  • Malik Anwar UL Islam

    Pakistan is the future hub of technologies – In shaa ALLAH. Pakistani fate is to change fast by the completion of Gwadar Port and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. We will see Pakistan as a major economic power by 2025.

    Construction is one of the indicators of economic heath. Construction and house building is on rise in Pakistan. Many infrastructure, housing and commercial projects can be seen in major cities of Pakistan. Karachi property prices have increased by 20% in 2015, whereas Gwadar property prices have increased by 500% in 2015. This all is due to better law & order situation and also due to direct foreign investment in Pakistan. What Pakistan needs is better business environment. China and Turkey are the major investors. But if Pakistan provides good security and business friendly atmosphere, dozens of other countries like Germany, Japan, Korea, France, Britain, Russia, Iran etc. will also jump the boat.

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