Anger in India over Modi’s ‘despite being a woman’ speech

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By Web Desk June 8, 2015 18:45

Anger in India over Modi’s ‘despite being a woman’ speech

Modi complimented Sheikh Hasina during a two-day visit to Bangladesh at the weekend, saying in Hindi it was “heartening that the prime minister of Bangladesh, despite being a woman, is openly saying that she has zero tolerance for terrorism”.

The comment sparked a flurry of sarcastic comments, jokes and pictures of successful Indian women on social media. The #DespiteBeingAWoman Twitter hashtag was India’s top trending topic on Monday.

“Managed to wake up & eat breakfast #DespiteBeingAWoman,” posted Twitter user Swati Chaturvedi.

While scores poked fun at the Indian premier’s gaffe, others expressed anger, questioning whether Modi meant women were generally tolerant of terrorism.

Indian politicians, including some from Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party, have come under fire in the past for sexist language.

But since storming to power in May last year, Modi has sought to position himself as a champion of women’s rights, emphasising the importance of toilets for poor and vulnerable women, education for girls and the ending of female foeticide in India.

In his first Independence Day speech last August, he addressed the issue of rising sexual assaults on women and called on parents to raise their sons better. -AFP



Web Desk
By Web Desk June 8, 2015 18:45
  • Ameer Paul

    Sheikh Haseena is behaving like a puppit of Modi and will have the same fate as her father had.

  • Ameer Paul

    When General Arora visited Dacca after winning the war, his words were “WHAT ELSE BENGALIS WANT AFTER PAKISTAN GAVE THEM SO MUCH”. As a matter of fact General Arora was of the impression that BENGALIS were very poor, just a colony of WEST PAKISTAN. But by nature Bengalis being ungrateful people, hence always complain. Now India should be prepared to here complain from Bengalis, more and more complain. Bengalis will never be satisfied and more India will support them, more and more Bengalis will demand and curse India.

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