Army chief says ‘across-the-board accountability’ essential at all levels

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By Web Desk April 19, 2016 16:31

Army chief says ‘across-the-board accountability’ essential at all levels

“On going war against terrorism and extremism being fought with the backing of entire nation cannot bring enduring peace and stability unless the menace of corruption is uprooted, remarked the army chief during his visit to the Signal Regimental Centre Kohat.

“Pakistan’s Armed Forces will fully support every meaningful effort in that direction which would ensure a better future for our next generations.”

He said steps would be taken to eliminate corruption as well as terrorism for progress of Pakistan. These initiatives will reflect in development of the country.

Earlier, he also appreciated the sacrifices rendered both by soldiers and civilians alike in defeating the terrorists and dislodging them from their bases.

What experts have to say on COAS statement?

Political analysts believe that latest statement of COAS Sharif holds immense importance in view of the current political atmosphere of the country.

They said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was currently hot water after revelations in the Panama Papers, showing his offshore accounts.

Senior political analyst Shahid Masood said the message was conveyed to the government from ‘top authorities’ that the issue [Panama leaks] was harming image of Pakistan worldwide, hence it should be resolved at the earliest.

But the government overlooked the message and hence causing complications in the matter, he said.



Web Desk
By Web Desk April 19, 2016 16:31
  • Syed Muhammad Haider Abidi

    Mr. Raheel please take action against corrupt politicians and the officials in the government. I am not sure if this will be easy for you to do so but you know very well that if you do not cut the roots of spoiled and corrupted mentality it will grow in future. An operation Zarb-e-Azab is not complete till all accountable of corrupted people is punished. do not let them regain the energy and finish what you have started please. thank you.

  • Dost Mohammed

    So far all of the government’s responses to the Panama Leaks have been childish, immature denials from demonstrating in front of the ex-wife of Imran Khan in London to pretending that the children of Nawaz Sharif have made their money independently and their assets have nothing to do with him.

  • Asad

    I am really surprised by those people who are still supporting this dysfunctional democracy where one person is running political parties.. PM Nawaz- PMLN, Zardar-PPP & Altaf-MQM. When Demorcracy doesn’t exist in political parties how can they even be ambassador of democracy. First of all corruption and lawlessness need to be finished and there should be accountability at all levels. Only then democracy can flourish in our country for the betterment of us and our future generations. Pakistan Zindabad

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