Arrested target killer from ‘neighboring country’ formerly seen using police uniform

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By Web Desk October 10, 2016 19:09

Arrested target killer from ‘neighboring country’ formerly seen using police uniform

KARACHI: It has been revealed on Monday that the arrested target killer, Mehdi Moosvi, has worked as a translator for the ‘neighboring country’.

He has been seen in company of council general of the ‘neighboring country’ as a translator in a meetings with former chief minister Sindh and senior Pakistan Peoples Party leader Qaim Ali Shah and other high officials.

ARY News reporter Kamil Arif reported that Mehdi Moosvi was arrested from Shadman Town area of Karachi. He also used to roam in police mobile vans with weapons. His pictures has been received by ARY News in which he can be seen wearing police uniform and holding a gun beside a police mobile van number SPL 246.


Sources said has had also been working with a senior officer of Federal Investigation Agency.

Well placed sources have said that investigation is underway to uncover relations of the target killer with high officials. He has been involved in religious and sectarian murders across the city.






Web Desk
By Web Desk October 10, 2016 19:09
  • Mir Ali

    Don’t understand!! cover the faces of those bastards who have been killing shai’s in thousands for last many years are covered immediately and this poor man if at all killed any one is shown on every tv chanel. salam to him even if he has sent a few takfiris to jehanum.

  • Usman Habib

    I don’t believe this Mehdi is my school friend and we are in touch from 16 years. He is a very nice soul he can’t kill anybody. We used to talk hours on phone sometimes. He is very social, kind and helpful person + he is Syed. He can’t kill anybody. That’s a LIE and BULLSHIT. Pakistani media and agencies SUCKS I must say.

  • Muhammad Shoaib

    Like 5% shia in Syria who took power from 90% Sunni in Syria in 1967 and killed millions of Sunni, I fear that Pakistan can become Syria if we did not protect 90% Sunni majority rights in Pakistan. Iran can kill millions of Sunni in Yemen,Iraq and Syria etc, they have no sympathy with Pakistani sunnis too but waiting for chance. There are many such killers as we hear daily killings of ulma and islamic scholars

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