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ARY CEO and Founder Salman Iqbal takes over BOL Network management — says BOL will be launched in three weeks

In what is being termed as a landmark merger of the top media groups, the ARY has bought BOL TV Network and took over its management.

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CEO and Founder ARY Network Salman Iqbal said the decision was taken in view to provide career security to media industry and its workers.

ARY takes over BOL TV Management

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Iqbal paid tribute to the entire BOL TV workers for tirelessly working for three months. He told that BOL staffers at a ceremony that, “We have to launch BOL TV in three weeks and promises made to the owners will be honoured.” The day when announcement of BOL’s arrival was made, it was a first revolution. Today it’s the second revolution and the biggest one indeed, said the ARY CEO.

He said, “I have created Pakistan’s largest TV channel – so I thought why not take that dream to BOL.”

We are not here, he mentioned, under a strategy.

He underlined that, “We have only one agenda –that is Pakistan.”

Mr. Iqbal said he couldn’t see a large number of people getting unemployed. They have families attached to it and we decided to step in and save this journalist community, he added. “ARY has been striving for journalists’ rights for last 15 years.”

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