Assad, Iran-backed foreign forces must quit Syria: Saudi FM

By Reuters October 31, 2015 13:14

Assad, Iran-backed foreign forces must quit Syria: Saudi FM

He also said that they need to agree to withdraw all foreign forces from the war-torn country.

Arch regional competitors Saudi Arabia and Iran, whose rivalry has been aggravated by their support for opposing sides in Syria, both took part in talks to find a peaceful solution for the country for the first time in Vienna on Friday.

Jubeir said in the interview the Vienna talks, which will resume within two weeks, would show how serious Assad and his backers Iran and Russia were in seeking a peaceful solution to the crisis.

“Our two points where we differ from them are on a date and means for Assad’s departure, and the second point is on a date and means for the withdrawal of foreign forces, especially Iranian ones. These are the two basic points without which there can be no solution,” he said.

Assad and Iran accuse Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies of being behind terrorism in Syria through their backing of rebel groups. Those countries say they only arm and finance secular or moderate Islamist rebel groups.


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad


Saudi Arabia has characterized Assad’s use of air power and artillery in Syrian cities as genocidal and has described the presence of Iranian military forces and Shi’ite Muslim Iraqi and Lebanese militia in Syria as a foreign occupation.




By Reuters October 31, 2015 13:14
  • Rizwaan

    The world’s top elites are hell bent on killing Muslims and on top of that the Muslims are also hell bent on killing Muslims! What do we call this phenomenon? It’s called “madness” at its best!

    To understand this or any other ongoing conflicts we must put ourselves in others’ shoes! Let’s say that had the situation in Syria been reverse or in other words whatever is going on in Syria had been going on in Saudia or Iran then would the stances of these regimes be same?

    Currently there are two sides; One side is pro American and the other is anti American. To achieve their short term goals, the Muslim regimes are forgetting that on a long run whatever they are doing would give the entire control not to them, but to the world’s elites! Today we might be each others foes based on the ideology, but to kill thousands of innocent people based on ideology is pure madness. Just because we think that our neighbour is ideologically different than us and if we are powerful then would it be justified to kill thousands of our neighbours just to bring in a leader of our own ideology? And if this is the case then it is exactly opposite to the Quranic teachings and the way the Prophet (PBUH) lived his life!

    We are quick to kill but not to help! How many Muslim countries have extended their helping hand by taking in the Muslim refugees? Why these poor people have to go to Europe? Today it’s in Syria, tomorrow it could be in Saudia / Iran / Pakistan then who is going to help who? We can’t feel what these poor people are going through because we have not tasted their pain yet! If we are truly Muslims then it’s our duty to understand the plots of our enemies and be part of solution by not taking sides or perhaps be not on the side that says “a known devil is better than an unknown devil”, because the known devils want to retain their control by scaring people off their rivals, the unknown devils. Nobody can know the unknown devils unless and until we see them! Who knows perhaps they might turn out to be Angels! So let us remove the “known devils” from our system!

    The enemies of Pakistan and all the Muslims are just waiting for us to engage our military somewhere in other external conflicts so that they could execute their plot once and for all!

  • Ameer Paul

    Why should Iran, Syria, and Russia leave, and who is this CARTOON to dictate for such a deman? Why not Saudi Regime, a US puppit and the most corrupted regime in the whole should leave Saudi Arabia?

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