Boy saves sister by using video game skills!

A Norwegian boy used uncanny video game skills to deceive a moose and save his sister from the animal’s attack.

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Apparently parents should encourage their children to play video games more often!

This 12 year old  Norwegian boy named Hans Jorgen Olsen and his sister mistakenly trespassed into moose territory. The kids were on their way back from school, crossing a forest, when a moose threatened to attack Hans’s sister. Hans, thinking quickly on his feet, implemented the skill he had learnt from World of Warcraft (a popular video game) and ‘taunted’ the animal to get its attention whilst his sister ran away.

‘Taunting’ is a tactic in World of Warcraft through which you can distract and ward off a monster attack from other members of the team who are not well armored. Once the moose had directed its attention towards Hans, the boy pulled another trick from his sleeve, that he had also learned from World of Warcraft. Feigning death, he slumped down onto the ground and the moose lost interest in him. As the moose wandered off, not interested in the ‘dead’ Hans, the boy got up and ran to his home.

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Boy saves sister by using video game skills!

by Shahjahan Khurram