Cleaning team throw away 42,000 pounds of trash from home

HAWAII: A cleaning team threw away more than 42,000 pounds of trash from a home in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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A foreign news agency said that neighbors had complained to the city officials about the property which was filled with trash and was infested with dirty animals and insects. It also contained samples of urine and feces.

The property has also been termed as a potential fire hazard by the authorities.

The owner of the house identified as Laura Matsuzaki, has gathered nearly $200,000 in fines but she has not been located as of yet. Her neighbors and city officials believe that she does not live in the property anymore and could have been having mental health issues.

It is also being stated that the sit could be serving as an illegal dumping ground while a camp for homeless people could have been set up there.

The house has violated building and health codes since for many years while the owner has paid the property taxes.

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Cleaning team throw away 42,000 pounds of trash from home

by Raza Haidery