Deepika seeks explanation over Ranveer’s "pickup line"

MUMBAI: Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh says he is willing to wait for his rumoured girlfriend Deepika Padukone for a lifetime – a remark that baffled Deepika to a length she asked for a context Ranveer made this statement.

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“She is so beautiful that I would wait all my life for her,” Ranveer said at a promotional event of Bajirao Mastani in Pune where Deepika was also present.

When asked whether she too would be willing to wait for a lifetime for him, Deepika says, “What? You have to ask him in what context he said that. Wait at a restaurant… or…” The 30-year-old actor said it was just a joke before adding, “It was one of those random, smart, wisecracks which I cracked by saying ‘she is so beautiful that I will wait all my life for her’. You guys waited since morning for us. So if you ask me I would say she is so gorgeous that I would wait for her all my life.”

To this, Deepika interrupted saying, “I don’t understand English at this point.” Deepika says that she has not seen any change in him as a person. “As a person I think he is the same… same energy and same enthusiasm, same protectiveness and same warmth. As a person he has not changed,” she added.

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Deepika seeks explanation over Ranveer’s "pickup line"

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