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Dr. Asim could commit suicide: Psychological assesment report

According to a psychological assessment report of Dr. Asim, it says that the accused arrested in the corruption case could commit suicide.

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Dr. Asim’s psychological assessment report has been prepared by Professor Syed Haroon and his team. The report has also been handed to the investigation officer of NAB. Dr. Asim has revealed to the team that during captivity, he had been subjected to immense mental and emotional tension. It has also been stated in the report that Dr. Asim is currently undergoing nervous tension and he could commit suicide.

He said that his heartbeat became uncontrolled and he was at times on the verge of tears. Dr. Asim also expressed that he was having trouble sleeping properly and that whenever he did fall asleep, he woke up screaming.

The report also states that he shivers, his body parts become numb and he feels suffocated at times. He was kept blindfolded for several days and he could hear the voices of people being beaten up and screaming as a result. He was certain that he was going to be killed.

It has also been stated in the psychological assesment that if the situation remained the same, then Dr. Asim could be harmed beyond compensation. It has been adivsed in the report that Dr. Asim be allowed to read books, visit relatives and walk around.

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