Dr. Maliha Lodhi asks UN to play its part for peace in ME

UNITED NATION: Pakistan’s permanent representative to the United Nation (UN) Dr. Maleeha Lodhi expressing concern over the situation of Middle-East (ME) asked to promote efforts for peace at regional and international level, ARY News reported.

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Addressing at UN Security Council, Dr. Maleeha Lodhi said that Security Council should play its role for resolving the challenges confronting Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Palestine.

“UNSC should take actions to put an end to violence against religious and ethnic minorities in Middle East”, urged Dr. Maliha Lodhi.

The Ambassador highlighted that consensus between rival countries is key to peace in the Middle East.

She said that the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of countries will have to be fully respected.

The Ambassador said that deeply offensive and unacceptable attempts were being made by some vested interests to blame Islam as the source of the current chaos in the Middle East.

“Islam gives message of love, patience and brotherhood”, she said.

Dr. Maliha Lodhi stressed UN to play its part for the establishment of peace among Middle Eastern countries.


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Dr. Maliha Lodhi asks UN to play its part for peace in ME

by Zohaib Kazmi