FBR’s e-filling system goes down

KARACHI: Millions of taxpayers facing many problems in submitting income tax returns for tax year 2014 as Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) newly-introduced online system not working properly, ARY News reported.

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The deadline set by FBR for e-filling of income tax returns for tax year 2014 is October 31 and it seems that many taxpayers are going to miss it as despite of several complaints from the stakeholders, FBR has failed to resolve the issues related to the newly-introduced system IRIS.

Senior member of FBR Shahid Hussain claimed the online system is choking because millions of taxpayers accessing the IRIS at once in the last dates while former president of Karachi Tax Bar Association Ali Rahim said its FBR’s incompetency that system is responding very slow.

The stakeholders have urged FBR to extend the deadline for e-filling till December 31 to facilitate the taxpayers.




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FBR’s e-filling system goes down

by Zohaib Kazmi