Four tips to know if you wish to lose weight

Everybody wants to lose some weight for staying fit and healthy and they do different things to achieve their weight loss goal. There are few things that we really need to change when it comes to lose some flab, things that we think are right for weight loss but they are actually not.

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1. Eating Peanut Butter Out of the Jar Isn’t Healthy: Peanut butter is a treat though it is full of heart-healthy fats but you can’t ignore the fact that it is packed with calories. However, nut, seeds and whole grains’ food are not considered junk but that does mean you can eat them in bulk. They can be as disastrous to your health as junk foods are. So avoid peanut butter’s extra use.

2. Being Vegan Doesn’t Automatically Cause Weight Loss: Most of the people think that eating plant-based food can help them reduce weight. Well the vegetables do help you lose weight but they have to be fresh green veggies. Eating French fries, pasta and ice cream will not help you to lose weight but it may cause you some weight gain.

3. Working Out Doesn’t Mean You Can Eat Everything: Working out does not give you the permit to eat as much as you can. I have seen people eating like baby elephants after work out as they deserve all the eating but if you notice you eat more calories than you burn after a workout. So if you want good results from your work out try to keep your diet normal and appropriate.

4. Walking Isn’t Enough: Walking is definitely way better than sitting idle but walking does not really help in losing calories like running. It is said that when it comes to losing weight, you need to burn 3,500 calories a week to lose a pound. A 30 minute walk does not burn more than 122 calories while you need to burn at least 500 calories a day to reach your weight-loss goal.  So you can’t rely on walk for better weight loss results.


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Four tips to know if you wish to lose weight

by Hira