10 reasons why Ayyan should be set free

Shahjahan Khurram
By Shahjahan Khurram June 16, 2015 14:06

10 reasons why Ayyan should be set free

1) Isn’t it a crime to punish beautiful women?

It’s not fair, is it? Ayyan has swept the nation off of their feet with her dazzling looks and stylish persona. Is it fair to keep her confined within the walls of Adiala Jail? I think not!

2) Her presence at Adiala Jail has brought nothing but positivity!

Police officers have started donning crisp, clean uniforms and have started maintaining personal hygiene. That’s a big plus, keeping in mind the fact that we live in Pakistan. Hence, it should be borne in mind that Ayyan’s presence has had a powerful impact on police officers who were previously oblivious of their personal hygiene. Need I say more?

3) Who doesn’t want to hear from the ‘Dollar girl’ again?

Last I heard, she was making dollars, wasn’t she? That’s before she was caught red handed with more than USD 500,000 stashed in her luggage. If you’re also getting impatient to hear another song from Ayyan, let it be known!

4) Hasn’t she had enough already?

Well, hasn’t she? The sweltering heat, the gawking gazes and multiple hearings being adjourned. Is this any way to treat a lady, let alone one who smuggles hefty sums of foreign currency out of the country?

5) She’ll fast and pray for the Rohingya Muslims

Ayyan has announced that she would be fasting for three days and offering nafil prayers for the persecuted Burma Muslims. Hasn’t she proved already she means well for Muslims around the world? Have a heart, people!

6) We all want to see Ayyan on the silver screen

The model cum singer has decided to make a film on her experiences as an incarcerated person. Till Ayyan dons the prison stripes, we can kiss any chance of seeing her on the silver screen goodbye!

7) The #FreeAyyan movement should be heard

It is one of the most popular campaigns of this year, isn’t it? Let’s all admit to ourselves (secretly) that all of us secretly aspire to see Ayyan Ali free. Talent such as hers should not be wasted inside prison. The government of the day must take notice of the writing on the wall- that is Free Ayyan!

8) Is she really guilty?

So what if USD 500,000 were recovered from her bag at Benazir International Airport, in Islamabad? She hadn’t boarded the flight, had she? For all we know, the supermodel’s bags might have switched with someone else’s and they may have the wrong person all the time!

9) Sehar and Iftar expenses are on Ayyan, this Ramazan

The supermodel has promised to bear the expenses of all 4,500 Adiala Jail for the month of Ramazan. Doesn’t she deserve a place alongside humanitarians and philanthropists such as Florence Nightingale, Mahatma Gandhi, Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie?

10) There’s much we can learn from her!


Ayyan can pen a book someday titled “How to make multiple men gawk at you” or “Ten reasons why traveling with more than $500,000 is a bad idea”. Think about it, there’s something we can derive from everything!





Shahjahan Khurram
By Shahjahan Khurram June 16, 2015 14:06


  • DawaR

    The “Reasons” baby writer stucks again…

  • Zia

    She should be rewarded just like killer of Model Town Rana Snaullah

  • iPlay2

    @ Shahjahan Khurram:
    WOW, what a bullshit, You are telling us that if your ugly mum, sisters do a crime then they can be jailed but no one should jail a beautiful woman even she is involved in a crime. Plz go and see a doctor.

  • Let her free and let the common man be prosecuted!!!

  • Shahjahan Khurram

    Had you been a little literate, you would have guessed by now that it is mostly satire and a humorous article. I guess for imbeciles like yourself, next time I should include the word SATIRE in the headlines.

    Desist from personal attacks. It shows your character and your family’s.

  • Shahjahan Khurram

    ^ that comment made no sense at all.

  • DawaR

    same as your article

  • DawaR

    lol iPlay2, dont mind such wannabes. Tharki is impressed by this criminal prety woman

  • Sam.

    People this is article is a satire. Its a form in which humor is used to show the weaknesses or bad qualities of a person or government. Read it as a sarcastic humorous article.

    Remember the article about Malala. Here is a link to that article.http://www.dawn.com/news/1048776

    @shahjahankhurram:disqus sorry to paste an other articles link here but just wanted people to know what u meant.

  • Kashif Aleem

    and why are you favoring a criminal? are you her partner in crime?

  • iPlay2

    @ shahjahan khuram: And your reply tells me that you are a dumb writer, and it also tells me your background. Once again I say, please go and see a doctor.

  • iPlay2

    @ Dawar: You are 100% right. “The “Reasons” baby writer stucks again…” LOL
    I hope this guy “reasons baby” “shahjahan khuram” write an article on himself too, and give us 10 reasons that why is he stuck with this kind of articles. HAHAHAHA
    This “reasons” baby gets made very easily. 😛

  • DawaR

    lol yeah..like “Ten Reasons to stop reading my articles” , “Ten reasons to make me a leading anchor in ARY” , “Ten reasons to make yourself dumb on internet”

  • Guest

    It is a satire people. A poorly written one however. I mean it lacks humour. Failed to make me laugh but the comments succeeded 😀 it’s hilariously unfortunate how little a lot of our population knows about the different styles of writing. Educate yourself people! :p

  • Sher Mohammad

    Jab mulk me azadi ke sath “Jamhooriyat” aayee hi nahee to is “Senate” aur Raza Rabbani ki kiya hasiyyat hay? Politics, Politicos, elections, Election Commission, Parliament and Senate are all puppets. And not only you’re all sham and worthless but you are also condemned in the sight of God and man. May Allah guide our people and our country. Ameen.

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