Gabol congratulates PTI, JI for eliminating fear factor

KARACHI: Former Member of National Assembly from NA-246 constituency Nabil Gabol said on Wednesday that the fear factor in Karachi politics will die after NA-246 by-election, ARY News reported.

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Expressing his views and answering questions in ARY News special transmission for the by-election, Gabol claimed that MQM will win but if it only wins by a small margin it should be considered a loss.

He further said that one must congratulate PTI and JI for breaking the atmosphere of fear in Karachi.

“PTI workers gather before Nine Zero (MQM headquarters) as part of campaign and held a big rally at Shahrah-e-Pakistan, it’s a change”, remarked Gabol.

Senior journalist Mazhar Abbas claimed that Gabol will be disqualified to participate in any future election as he confessed grabbing the seat on a rigged election.

Gabol replied that he witnessed rigging but cannot tell if it was done in favour of MQM or rival candidates.

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The former MNA confirmed the news that he is appearing before Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

However, he refused to comment on what he thinks he will be asked and what his reply would be.

The only reason Gabol gave for his silence before is ‘fear’.

Gabol claimed that he left NA-246 seat but it turned into a ‘bone of contention’ for all.

The NA-246 constituency of Karachi will witness a by-poll on April 23 as the seat fell vacant after Nabil Gabol who was elected on the ticket of MQM in the 2013 general elections resigned from his seat after developing differences with the party.

A number of candidates are participating in the election with the most notable being MQM’s Kunwar Naveed Jamil, PTI’s Imran Ismail and JI’s Rashid Nasim. The by-polls are due to be held on April 23, 2015 (today).

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Gabol congratulates PTI, JI for eliminating fear factor

by Anees Hanif