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Iftar in Gaza — also Christian Palestinians give water to Muslims stuck on roads during Iftar

Palestinian journalist and writer Mohammed Matter who tweets @AbuYazan_Gaza has several tweets on his timeline. One is of Christian Palestinians offering water to Muslims stuck in traffic during Iftar.

The same pictures were also tweeted by Jamal Dajani, an award-winning news producer, journalist, filmmaker and Middle East analyst. His website said he’s also the co-founder of Arab Talk Radio and serves as a senior adviser to Internews, a well-known media organisations. 

Palestinians Iftar Muslim Christian
A picture posted on Twitter and Facebook, initially by many Palestinians, of Christian Palestinians offering water to their Muslim compatriots stuck in traffic during Iftar.


The @AbuYazan_Gaza account also had two tweets, for the first and second days of Ramazan, where the journalist wanted the rest of the world to see that though Israel had bombed Gaza a year ago, the effects of the bombing and shelling were still very much there. The tweets below are self-explanatory:

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