Govt sticks to decision cancelling public holiday on Iqbal Day

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By Web Desk November 5, 2015 15:55

Govt sticks to decision cancelling public holiday on Iqbal Day

It said in the notification, “November 9, (Monday) will be a working day. All the offices and education institutes would remain open as per routine.”

The government has not underlined any reason for cancellation of the public holiday.

The government has been taken to task by the people on social media for cancelling a holiday.

Iqbal Day is celebrated throughout Pakistan on 9th November, on the occasion of the poet’s birth anniversary. Allama Iqbal, one of the greatest Muslim poets to have lived ever, was an instrumental figure in the creation of Pakistan. He not only rallied for the cause of Pakistan but also enchanted Muslims with his gifted verses and versatile poetry.

Below is the list of public and optional holidays as issued by the Ministry of Interior.

List of public holidays — 2015


List of optional holidays — 2015




Web Desk
By Web Desk November 5, 2015 15:55
  • mimranyameen

    Good decision. I like it.

  • Hassan Ali

    Insane behavior from the Govt Officials.

  • Government created unnecessary confusion about Iqbal day holiday. This is an example of decision makers unpreparedness. Hope in future when they take a decission, they can stick to it

  • Sunny

    is it again cancelled by Federal Government?

  • Tariq

    Finally they have decided..
    Did the right thing

  • Muhammad Yasin

    Sir Allama Iqbal is our national hero and this government is making fun of doing cancellation 9th November 2015 as public holiday, bad governance

  • Ansar Ali khan

    Please give us a holiday. Yeh unfair baat hai. We want a holiday! No take backs. Stop it! Iqbal day has always been a holiday ever since, I was a kid. You can’t take our holiday away from us!

  • Mehmood raja

    Plz give us a holiday. Allama Iqbal day should be celebrated as a holiday

  • Waseyullah

    What is going on, you guys first said government has restored and now saying k still in place, irresponsibility ki koi limit hoti hy, race lagai jao

  • Shahzaib Aziz Khan

    what the hell is going on do we have holiday or not

  • Tayyub Ibrahim

    Shiv Sena must be so happy.

  • Suleman

    Do we have holiday or not

  • Syed Mazahir Roomi

    There is some serious conspiracy going on so that the sincere efforts made by Dr. Allama Iqbal may vanish from the minds of our future generation. People should protest as to why this holiday has been cancelled. Some elderly People would agree how 14th August used to be celebrated in 90s or early 2000 years with great “MILLI NAGHMA”. and how it has been celebrated during last 10-15 years with just loud music……This year was an exception. This all being done to kill the patriotism among young and future generation.

  • Hajra Shahid

    U know what???? Tell the schools to give us a holiday especially the Lgs school in Islamabad H-8 they r saying they won’t give us a holiday until the government says so.

  • Rafay Ahsan

    No More work, Nawaz Sharif’s a mess!!! Who’s with me? Yo

  • Maham Raza

    Give us a holiday yaar

  • jawad Zaidi

    ….Hr shakh pe ullo betha hy…anjam e gulistan kia hoga

  • Ahmad Chaudhry

    How about we get a day off on Nawaz Sharif’s birthday? That will be a good idea

  • Muzaffar Butt

    abi in siyasat dano ki leader ship ka day hota to ye bari khushi se manatay or aj Iqbal jinho ne pakistan k bannay ka khuwab daikha or real pakistani ka day nai manaya ja raha (shame shame ministry of interior)

  • Tariq shah

    Humai holiday meli gee inshallah government chupp kar kay humai holiday day.

  • Mr.Khalil ur Rehman

    It is a good step taken by government because things going worse our thinking is that now to keep at home and avoid work is the best way to tribute people need to be sincere with their fields quaid e azam said work , work and only work we need to explore Dr Iqbal efforts in places where we will . I will do session on iqbal ‘s philosophy , ideology and struggle towards our nation and Muslim ummah but without stopping our mechanism.

  • Hirra

    Really annoying n sad for forgetting national heroes…I condemn the decision of not giving holiday on 9 November

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