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Govt will quit if commission decides against it: Dar

LAHORE: Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Wednesday said that the government is ready to hold ‘unconditional’ yet ‘meaningful’ dialogue with Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) on all the issues, ARY News reported.

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Addressing a press conference at the CM House here on Wednesday, Ishaq Dar told that the decision was made in a meeting some two hours ago and since then he is trying to contact the PTI leadership to invite them to formally kick-off the negotiations.

Dar however said that talks will be held under the legal and constitutional framework and no unconstitutional demand by either side will be discussed in talks.

He welcomed PTI’s decision of discarding its ‘illegal’ and ‘unconstitutional’ demand of PM’s resignation.

Speaking about electoral reforms, he told that the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms is currently reviewing this matter and it has held 16 meetings in this regard. He told that five of the recommendations have been finalized and hoped that the PTI members will also now attend the meetings of the committee in order to suggest reforms.

The minister ensured that the suggestions by the PTI members will be given due weightage in the process.

He also said that the government will quit if the judicial commission to probe rigging, announces a verdict against it.

Ishaq Dar however cleared that whatever decision will be made by the judicial commission, both the parties will have to submit to it.

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Govt will quit if commission decides against it: Dar

by Kashif Imran