Hema Malini joins the anti-Pakistan brigade

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By Web Desk October 5, 2016 13:56

Hema Malini joins the anti-Pakistan brigade

MUMBAI: Actress Hema Malini has also joined the list of Indian stars not in favour of Pakistani celebrities working in India.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Malini said that she was completely in support o f her military who are fighting for the country.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politician added that she does not support Pakistani artists working in India.

She went on to say that the Indian military has done a great job with their so-called surgical strike in Pakistan and the whole country should support them.

The actress even asked why the people are demanding proof regarding the Indian claims of surgical strikes in Pakistan.

It should be noted that several Indian stars namely Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Adnan Sami Khan had lauded BJP government and the country’s military for carrying out “surgical strikes” against Pakistan.

However, some Indian stars including Salman Khan and Om Puri have denounced the ban on Pakistani stars in India.

Salman Khan, in an interview, said that terrorists and artists should not be mixed together whereas Om Puri blasted the Indian government for imposing ban on Pakistan artists in the country in the wake of recent border tensions.



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By Web Desk October 5, 2016 13:56
  • Khan

    We are rather giving too much of importance to how bollywood is reacting towards the pak artists. Their reaction is not important in terms news when we take in to account the security and independence of Pakistan. Their reaction is in the context of their country which they have a right to react to. Our reactions and support should focus on our country and our defending forces that have laid down their lives. By publishing the Bollywood reactions we are giving them undeserved publicity which is going to their advantage. Pak media should ignore publishing such petty news items. There are better news items to share with the readers than what these artiste have to say. Please focus on Pakistan and not worry for unduly giving publicity to the Bollywood, be it anybody. Media please be more mature now!!!!!!

  • Salman

    @ Khan. Well said!

  • Shazad Tabassum

    Agree 100% with Khan. AARY and other Pakistani Media should not waste time on such useless information about what others think. We support our country (wherever we are in the world) and our Army. Period.

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