India should know that ‘this is Pakistan, not Myanmar’: Musharraf

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By Web Desk June 10, 2015 22:35

India should know that ‘this is Pakistan, not Myanmar’: Musharraf

In his exclusive talk with ARY News, Pervez Musharraf referred to the Indian ministers’ statements against Pakistan as aggressive and said that it will have befitting response.

“Neither the Pakistani armed forces, nor the people here are wearing bangles,” he warned the war maniac state, adding, “This is Pakistan, not Myanmar.”

The former army chief inquired India whether they have forgotten the Kargil War, reminding them ‘where they had run short of coffins for their soldiers’.


Musharraf vows India will be welcomed with… by arynews

“The War of Kargil had so perplexed the Indians that they conferred their highest military award ‘Param Vir Chakkra’ to a soldier who was alive then, under treatment at a hospital,” Musharraf slammed.

“Modi’s presentation of the Fall of Dhaka picture to Bangladeshi PM and his open admission of Indian interference to internally destabilize Pakistan has exposed India’s true face,” he explained while talking to ARY News.

“It clearly shows that India is intended to establish its supremacy by interfering in neighboring countries, but it must not forget that this is Pakistan,” warned the ex-army chief.

When asked what do this entire situation means, Pervez Musharraf said that they [India] want to exploit our internal weaknesses referring to ongoing insurgencies and sectarian conflicts here.

“If they are bent on hostility then come and they will be welcomed with Allah o Akbar – a slogan raised by the Pakistani armed forces while confronting enemy,” Musharraf vowed.

He also suggested the civil-military leadership to show their complete resolve to utilize the power Pakistan has got, which will serve as an effective deterrence for India.

“Since Modi has taken over India, the Indians are high and indulged in a fallacy that they could do whatever and wherever they want,” Musharraf blasted. “If it is so, then come, Sau Bismillah!



Web Desk
By Web Desk June 10, 2015 22:35
  • Waqar Ali

    Mr. Musarraf’s statement is really encouraging.Geo Musharraf.Nobody has a courage to keep an evil eye to our Great Pakistan.Alhamdullillah Pakistan is an atomic power and we know eye for eye and tooth for a tooth rule too.Pakistan Zindabad.

  • Saleem Haq

    It’s not surprising that these type of statements always come from Ex-Gen Musharraf and Gen Raheel. In fact Nawaz never ever was, and never will be interested, when it comes to “the national interest of Pakistan”! We suffered a lot of casualties in Kargil because of whom? Even then Nawaz didn’t care what our military did for us, so what makes anyone think that he will care now? You will observe that whenever Nawaz feels the heat or threat to be unseated then all his apparatus from within and without start working to divert public minds, but primarily the military from the hovering issues, and this is how his government plans to complete the term!

    Border skirmishes are different than real war. India knows well that even in conventional war they will suffer ten times more than Pakistan. Their population density and their infrastructure is much higher than ours and obviously their common sense (if they have any) will never allow them to take such ridiculous step. We therefore should not even take their blabbering seriously. The pigeon incident seems funny apparently, but in fact it is much more serious than we think! This fear, or perhaps I would call this a typical Indian administration’s mentality of hatred that they have and perhaps it sort of reveals their modus operandi against Pakistan! We should also have our agencies testing in our labs of whatever edible items we import from India, because they could taint the products they supply here, therefore we must be extra cautious.

  • DK

    I guess you guys must be kidding right…India – “War Manic State”…Shame on you idiots

  • Lovely India

    India is progressive and secular nation. Musharraf displays anger, hatred, and jealousy towards the country where people of all colors of the rainbow can live in harmony, in democratic nation. Musharraf harbored Bin Ladin in his own backyard, sheltered him, and encouraged terrorism in his own nation, packed up all dollars from US help and took it happily with him to foreign nation after destroying Pakistanis in hands of drones. He is not the leader but terrorist, encouraging terrorism, harborIng terrorists, and allowing drones to kill ordinary Pakistanis. So, please don’t get blindsided.

  • Makeit Possible

    India said they will chase and neutralize to whoever who will attack India. What’s wrong with it? Do not Musharraf implying that Pakistan breeding terrorists? What can one expect if some terrorist comes from Pakistan and attack on India, especially when balance of Power in India’s favor.


    ooh we know that how great pakistan GOVT. THEY TELL U INDIAN ARMY TORTURE kashmir but this is not true.

  • Ali sher pasha

    i am realy impressed from ur knowledge nd liberal thinking…u put the real face of these circumstances which are going on in pakistan…but pervaiz musharraf is the only man who always speak first then any other person or leader what ever..he always shows the india their real face…conduct some research on this man u will come to know..thanx

  • Saleem Haq

    Yes indeed India is like rainbow and that’s why you treat your own people (the lower castes and other minorities) like trash, and the treatment of people very much depend upon their colour in most of the cases! Don’t give me any extraordinary examples.

    You also seem to be suffering from memory loss dear. Remember when China crossed several kilometres into your own territory like a dragon, and all what you could manage to do is to bring some people around holding banners, requesting the Chinese to leave your own territory! I also watched that small clip of your “brave” soldiers reacting cowardly to to the Chinese intrusion! It needs guts to face someone bigger than your own self (Comparison of Pakistan and India doesn’t apply here) Chinese are already with us for a long time and now they are you know not like before. Our military with their help will soon make a way out of the dilemma we are facing. Not only us but the entire Muslim nation is suffering. We should learn from Iran the way they have always stood against the American tyranny in spite of being under sanctions. That’s why they managed to flourish much better than us because they had to do everything by their ownselves.

    India is well aware of the American power, that’s why you guys made it a huge news a few month ago, but in contrast just a few years ago the BJP party was against the Americans! In fact majority of the people in the world are fed up of the American policy. So don’t be in any misconception that they will be by your side forever!

    Do you know the dollars we got is just peanuts as compared to what we lost. We are fighting this war against your terrorists to keep “You” safe, because tomorrow if we start tit for tat policy, the world will see your “brave” military in the same, above mentioned condition.

    I know the enemies of Pakistan will never be happy with the Pakistani military, because they serve only Pakistan and “always” think of national interest. The enemies of Pakistan are always happy when there is democracy/hypocrisy here and the leaders like Nawaz / Zardari etc. rule, because they care a damn about national interest and their only interest is “personal interest”.

  • Saleem Haq

    Probably you are one in a million dear who is impressed. If you are neutral and try to put yourself in other’s shoe, it’s very likely that you will always have a very broad view of whatever you see. Thanks for comments bro.

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