I was upset with the reaction in Pakistan and how angered they were: Saif Ali Khan

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By Web Desk September 2, 2015 13:42

I was upset with the reaction in Pakistan and how angered they were: Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan has most recently been in the media for his controversial statements regarding Pakistan and Hafiz Saeed. Saif Ali Khan’s latest movie Phantom caused an uproar and furor in Pakistan, for depicting the country as a safe haven for terrorists.

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In a recent interview, the actor stated that he was upset at the reaction that the movie had received in Pakistan and also said that he did not want to be typecast as someone who was anti-Pakistan.

“I don’t know if I should say this but I was upset with the action in Pakistan and how upset they’re getting and I seem to have become the face of “anti-Pakistan feeling.” This, I’m a little concerned about. Because my politics is the last thing that should become the question and for sure not against the people of Pakistan, I have absolutely nothing, except goodwill and hope that we manage to fix our problems,” Saif said.

Saif Ali Khan

Though Phantom did not open up to rave reviews, the Kabir Khan directorial did well at the box office and minted more than Rs 30 crores since its release last Friday. Saif Ali Khan’s recent releases have not been well received with the public, hence the actor was happy though not overjoyed, at the response that it had received.

“We have been doing this from a while. There are a lot of people involved. I want everyone to be happy first, I am pleased and relieved, but I never think that I have been much of a person who jumps up and down,” he said.

Saif also said he had avoided revealing during promotions, that the movie was only a mission film, if the India-Pakistan element from it was extracted.

Saif Ali Khan

“It’s (Phantom) a mission film quite simply. If you take the India and Pakistan element out of it – I didn’t want to say this during the promotion – but it’s actually a very simplistic mission film. The political element has given it some controversial edge.”

Isn’t it like the function of films and plays, also to create scenarios, which actually didn’t happen. That’s what we studied catharsis is – where you watch it and imagine, what might have happened,” said the actor.



Web Desk
By Web Desk September 2, 2015 13:42
  • Unpredictable Soul

    aik film ban honay k baad aqal thikaanay aa gai, socho inko hum seedha kar skte hain agr saari movies ban kar dien!

  • Naeem Nawaz

    Yes We should boycott all indian movies,dramas,and all products..till they stop firing on LOC and till they stop terrorism inside Pakistan..

  • Naeem Nawaz

    @Saif Ali khan,,, you should not say anything against our country otherwise you will receive a very tough reaction..because we love Pakistan MORE than our Blood..

  • Ali Khan

    indian muslims are suppressed by hindu gov and pandits. ie I am living abroad for the last 15 years, i have seen loads of bangladeshi mosques, pakistani mosques but never came across a mosque initiated by indian muslims. The only reason i can see is that they haven’t felt the freedom yet and with this mindset they never raise their voice.

  • Riaz

    That’s not true. On the contrary, we Indian Muslims feel a lot more secured, comfortable and enjoy freedom among Hindus in India than Pakistanis in Pakistan ! I have been living abroad for last 40 years. During my first 27 years in Iran, I was staying with my first cousin who was a Pakistani citizen. All of his friends without an exception were Pakistani nationals who became my friends as well. In our sit-together, we did sometime discuss India-Pakistan controversy. Once one of them said something like what you have said about Indian Muslims being ‘suppressed by Hindus’. That time Indira Gandhi was prime minister and having declared emergency had almost become a dictator. I told them to accompany me to Indian embassy where I would criticize Indira (of course healthy criticism), and would come out unscratched. Then from there I suggested we go to Pakistani embassy. That time Zia ul Haq was ruler, rather dictator in Pakistan. I challenged my Pakistani friends to criticize Zia ! They were speechless. I could see they could not dare to accept my challenge. In short, believe me or not, we Indian Muslims, born and brought up in democratic and secular environment, enjoy a lot more political freedom in India than our Pakistanis brothers in Pakistan. I have had Pakistani friends then in Iran and now in Dubai who were and are reluctant to go back to Pakistan citing unpredictable and jungle-like situation in the country.

  • Riaz

    I wish you could genuinely boycott Indian movies because even if your government bans a movie, each and every Pakistani does watch it, thanks to pirated dvds. Pakistanis are crazy for Indian movies.

  • Naeem Nawaz

    Dear Riaz…this is your misconception that Pakistanis are crazy for indian movies..This is for your information that not only india anyone(person),any country in the world will go against our country we will go against them…We really fed up to see on indian bloody (Jhootha Media) every time talking against our country.. India have much more problems than Pakistan so please always talk for your country problems not about our country.Secondly Yes we have started boycott of all indian movies,dramas,channels,and all Products.No one in Pakistan likes indian movies,,,

  • Naeem Nawaz

    Dear Riaz.. We know very well about indian hindus and indian Govt and indian derpartments… they are always using muslims,and all other minorities as their slaves..We 200 millions of Pakistan is much better than any other country.India a (Global Terrorist) country is trying best to divide us by your RAW but you will fail,,inshaALLAH.. and one more thing for you please don’t ever believe your “Jhootha media” and Hindus they are always talking against you and Pakistan…because they don’t want to see Muslims together all over the world..and that is the only reason that they are using their media and creating differences between all Muslims all over the world..Be positive brother and try to get the cunning moves of hindus.. We love Pakistan More than our blood.. We are ONE NATION..

  • yusuf

    really ? Indians wont mind if all their films r banned. pls go ahead….problem is, it will b ur own distributors & exhibitors who would mind it ! lol ….in fact they will force ur govt to overturn the ban …lol…u said “socho inko hum seedha kar skte hain agr saari movies ban kar dien!”….bhai it will b ur own distributors & exhibitors jo tum logon ko seedha kar lenge ! go ahead and ban all films……lol….ek sentence saif ne kaha toh itna gussa !!! bhai if he had said that he has full faith in Pakistan would u have allowed his film to show? what hypocrisy !

  • Ali

    We spit on Indian movies and “Saas Bahoo” dramas. We have talented filmmakers in Pakistan and they are doing a great job. Pakistanis Cinemas are packed again with our home productions. Keep your “Hollywood Remakes” in India. Why spend money on third class Indian movies….. no chance

  • Qessar Raja

    Saif Ali Khan and other Bollywood Muslim actors are pro-indian.
    They don’t bother about Pakistan being a Muslim country as they should as they are Muslims as well.
    We love Pakistan and if anyone says bad things about our country then we will obviously defend it.
    There is probably more terrorists in other countries in relation to Pakistan, so think about that. As Pakistan is only a small country as opposed to countries such as India.

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