Imran annoyed as PTI worker inquires about $ 3M funds

Kashif Imran
By Kashif Imran February 8, 2014 20:25

Imran annoyed as PTI worker inquires about $ 3M funds

ISLAMABAD: Conflicts over financial affairs seem to be severed within Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) as a PTI worker has framed serious allegations of financial irregularities on certain party officials.

PTI worker from the United States (US), Mehboob Aslam has claimed that he had raised funds for the party worth of 3 million USD from 2008 to 2013, whilst he has not been informed about this sum despite of asking time and again for the past 3 years – ARY News reports.

In his exclusive talk with ARY News correspondent Jahanzaib Ali on Saturday, Mehboob Aslam told that he met the PTI Chief earlier today at his residence in Banigala, Islamabad, where Imran Khan when questioned about 3 million dollars worth of fund, got hyper at the PTI worker from USA and allegedly held him from his collar and forced out of the room.

Mehboob Aslam told that neither he will leave Pakistan after this, nor will he stay quite. He vowed to call a convention tomorrow at Lahore to inquire about the fund given to the party as to where has it gone.

Aslam also expressed his reservations on certain PTI officials for rolling the money and utilizing it for personal benefits.

He also raised questions at the lower level accountants and questioned that how can an employee whose salary is only 20 thousand rupees, can have daily transactions comprising of several lacs in his account.



Kashif Imran
By Kashif Imran February 8, 2014 20:25
  • Waryam Mazhar

    So sad, I know this guy that he is from LA, and he worked hard for (PTI) as he thinks that future of his kids is in Pakistan and he wanted to see a new Pakistan .

  • fanaticpakistani

    Well Imran Khan, my money is in this too so you need to do what you preach and that is get a neutral accounting firm to run an audit and get this cleared or no more funding from me!!! I thought you were different than the rest, this is painful

  • imran khan

    These crooks inside PTI will bring bad name to the Leader Imran Khan, they must be expelled out of party and honest workers should be taking care of the party internal affairs, else all loyal and ideological workers may get frustrated. IK must look into this matter seriously and with wisdom, not by loosing his cool.

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