Imran asks PM Nawaz to respond to allegations like David Cameron

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By Web Desk May 9, 2016 20:18

Imran asks PM Nawaz to respond to allegations like David Cameron

Speaking at a mammoth rally in Peshawar, Khan made a special reference to federal minister Akram Khan Durrani saying that the minister claimed to topple the PTI-led government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and questioned him how can he oust the provincial government with majority seats in the province.

It is only possible that Durrani bribe masses, that too having come from a so-called religious party (JUI-F), he slammed.

The PTI chief shamed Durrani for doing politics in the name of Islam and then offering bribes to people, but urged him to offer money to PTI lawmakers in KP which will in return cleanse the party.

Taking exception to Maulana Fazlur Rahman, Imran said, “The JUI-F chief calls me an agent of Jews, I ask him that the Jews need not to hatch conspiracies in Pakistan in the presence of Fazl.”

“He was part of every government in the past and God forbid if a Jew becomes Pakistan’s premier, the JUI-F chief will also join his cabinet furnishing justifications for it,” the skipper blasted.

Taking a jab at the prime minister, he said, “Mian sahib you can’t see a reformed Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for you are searching for it at the wrong place”, adding, “The premier has been taking control of all institutions and the entire opposition is with him except for me, but then surfaced Panama Papers leaks naming his family with offshore assets.”

He said: Nawaz Sharif should have answered like David Cameron did, but he started touring the country instead. The premier lacked the moral courage to step down like Iceland’s prime minister.

He described the prime minister as ‘master of saving corruption’, asking, “Mian Sahib do not tour the country, answer the queries.”

The PTI chairman reiterated that Sharif installed Najam Sethi as chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for he had helped him rig the elections.

He slammed that the rulers impose heavy taxes on petrol, diesel, electricity and others and then take this wealth abroad, while the public is further burdened with massive foreign loans.



Web Desk
By Web Desk May 9, 2016 20:18
  • Scary

    Mr. Khan. Please educate yourself. NAB was not created by NS. That is a lie. NAB chairman was confirmed by a parliamentary committee. They have been catching people since Mushraff time. Not enough but they have been. As recent as last week when they caught Baulchistan finance minister. So that is a lie.
    From the tax collected, the government is building , metro’s, motorways, bridges, railways, roads, schools, hospitals improving and training police, improving law and order in Karachi, improving hospitals and many many other things which you do want to know because it decreases your chance of winning next election. PLEASE THINK PAKISTAN. Even your support of Zak Goldsmith in London’s mayor election, you got defeated. Why don’t you think beyond Nawaz and we may just begin to like you again. In UK the opposition does not act like you do. Practice what you preach.

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