Imran failed in proving rigging claims: Rasheed

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By Web Desk July 26, 2015 09:48

Imran failed in proving rigging claims: Rasheed

He said the inquiry commission had provided Imran Khan an opportunity to prove the claims he had been making for the last two years, but the PTI Chairman failed.

Rashid said the Inquiry Commission rejected allegations of the PTI in three terms of references set for advancing the proceeding.

Replying to a question, the Minister said lapses, shortcomings and incapacity on part of Election Commission were equal for all political parties.

The Minister urged the PTI chief to forget the past mistakes and move forward to strengthen democracy in the country and put it on consistent path to progress and prosperity.



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By Web Desk July 26, 2015 09:48
  • Salman

    Just like the state failed to convict the Sharifs and Zardaris on various accounts of fraud, money laundering and plundering. Sharif, our dear PM, was let off the hook even after Ishaq Dar conceded that he had laundered money for him. These are big names and the law is known to crumble before the strong. But, quite shamefully, the state failed to punish Ayyan Ali as well. The status quo parties as well as the media is bashing Imran Khan and PTI for failing to provide the proofs of rigging. They have been stigmatized as liars and cheaters for falsely claiming that the elections were rigged. However, the nation has generously pardoned the sharifs for laundering huge sums of money, zardari’s Surrey palace, etc.There have been no dams constructed in the last 3 decades. Thousands drown every year in the floods and no one is held responsible. Children in Thar, Bahawalpur, and Lahore die in the hospitals everyday because of the lack of facilities but no one is questioned. After all, the biggest folly ever committed by a politician is by Imran Khan for asking for an investigation into the general elections. God bless our nation and their sense of wisdom!

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