Imran himself will destroy PTI, says Hashmi

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By Web Desk December 6, 2015 23:21

Imran himself will destroy PTI, says Hashmi

Javed Hashmi, speaking to media persons at his residence here on Sunday, criticized PTI and said that Imran Khan doesn’t need anyone else to harm the party.

“Imran Khan has gathered those people in his party who are giving him wrong advises”, he added.

Hashmi also said that rigging is the party’s national slogan.



Web Desk
By Web Desk December 6, 2015 23:21
  • Salman

    As long as Imran is being criticized by people like Hashmi, he is on the right track. Imran khan is one man who defies the odds, takes bold steps without thinking about the repercussions if he deems them correct. Khan is not the typical kind of politicians who keep their interests before that of the people. There is no iota of doubt that Khan commits blunders if viewed from a conventional political perspective. But then how can a man bring change to a system if he doesn’t take risks. There is always a room for improvement in anything that you carry out in life. However, people need to understand that this man is not here to protect his political image, he’s not here to accrue wealth for his generations to come, there is no lust for power in this case. He’s power hungry and frustrated, quite rightly, because of his conviction that he can turn around the future of this country. Imran Khan is like a man trying to persuade a child from committing an obvious mistake while the child is adamant, by his shortsightedness, to go for the blunder. Let’s hope against hope that the child can see the lurking danger sooner than later. Hindsight is an evil thing for sure!

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