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Imran holds Rana responsible for Faisalabad unrest

KARACHI/ISLAMABAD: Chairman of Pakistan Imran Khan has declared Rana Sanaullah to be responsible of all what happened today in Faisalabad, ARY News reported.

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In his exclusive talk in ARY News program ‘Khara Sach’, Imran Khan said that the unrest caused in Faisalabad was all what was witnessed in Model Town, Lahore on June 17.

He lamented that the dead body of one out two deceased PTI workers, is still missing.

While talking to the anchorperson Mubashir Lucman, the PTI chief said that he reserves the right of a peaceful protest and nobody can prevent him from this.

“Even the courts have permitted us for staging peaceful protest demonstrations”, he added.

He questioned that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) also stages protests, but none of its affiliates is subjected to torture, why it is PTI alone.

Khan castigated the PMLN leaders saying that they used to whip the people during Zia-regime.

He inquired does the democracy teach firing bullets on unarmed people.

The skipper slammed that the police was quietly witnessing an armed man firing straight at his workers, but none of the cops restrained him.

He told that in Gujranwala PMLN workers stood atop a police vehicle and pelted stones at the PTI caravan passing by.

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Imran holds Rana responsible for Faisalabad unrest

by Kashif Imran