‘MQM’s only redemption lies in suing BBC for what are treason charges’, says Imran

ISLAMABAD/KARACHI: PTI chairman Imran Khan Friday said the BBC report on MQM has raised several questions, while Minister of Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique said the report cannot help setting a final opinion against the party, ARY News reported.

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In his message on Twitter, Imran Khan said the startling BBC report has raised several questions.

“Is there any foreign hand behind violence in Pakistan,” he questioned. “Had an Indian political party been accused of taking assistance from ISI, would it be able to continue operating for a single day?”

The PTI chief said, “MQM’s only redemption lies in suing BBC for what are treason charges”.

On the contrary, Saad Rafique said BBC is a foreign news agency and a final opinion against MQM cannot be formed based on its report.

The report against MQM has sent shock waves since it surfaced, while it mentioned in the end that ‘whatever is going on in London it will have its effects in Islamabad, New Delhi and Karachi’.

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