One dead after gunman attack Indian army camp in held-Kashmir

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By Web Desk October 3, 2016 00:40

One dead after gunman attack Indian army camp in held-Kashmir

SRINAGAR: One Indian paramilitary trooper was killed and another injured when unknown gunmen opened fired at a military camp in Baramulla area of Indian-held Kashmir late on Sunday.

According to AFP, one Border Security Force (BSF) trooper who was stationed in the camp was killed.

“One BSF man has been killed and another injured,” Imtiyaz Hussain Mir, senior police superintendent of Baramulla town where the attack occurred, told AFP.

The Army Camp of the 46 Rashtriya Rifles located in district Baramulla in Indian-Occupied Kashmir, was attacked by unknown assailants. The camp is located at a distance of 54 km from Srinagar, the capital of held-Kashmir.

Times of India reported that heavy firing and grenades explosion was heard in the area at around 10.30 PM local time. Omar Abdullah, former Chief Minister of held-Kashmir also confirmed reports of heavy firing.

Northern Command of Indian Army said in a tweet that the situation at Baramulla was now contained and under control. It was not clear whether the attackers had breached the army camp perimeter.

The camp is located near the Army camp in Uri, which was attacked on 18th September killing 18 Indian soldiers.





Web Desk
By Web Desk October 3, 2016 00:40
  • Salman

    Smoke and mirrors… a convenient misdirection from the false narrative of an alleged ‘surgical strike’. The script is as follows… Indian soldiers do some target shooting, they throw a few grenades here and there, fly a few choppers above and make it look like they are under attack, show a few injured soldiers and supposed killed terrorists a lacarte Bollywood SFX style and hey Joe public are distracted from their previous misadventure where one of their own was captured by Pak army and 14 Indian soldiers dead. It’s now easier to get public sympathy on your side and they will back you at whatever cost at the sacrifice of jawans on boths sides. There’s an old addage…”If all else fails….lower your standards.”

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