‘Indian army shooting fake videos to show proof of surgical strike’

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By Web Desk October 5, 2016 23:23

‘Indian army shooting fake videos to show proof of surgical strike’

SRINAGAR:  An Indian-Occupied Kashmir lawmaker said on Wednesday that Indian army is shooting fake videos in his constituency to show fabricated evidence of the alleged surgical strike.

According to a report in Kashmir Dispatch, Engineer Rashid─ who represnts frontier Langate constituency─ claimed that credible sources told him that Indian army is engaged in filming videos in Nowgam and Leepa sectors , adjacent to borders showing as if army is carrying out covert operations in Pakistani territory, so that the same can be provided as evidences to satisfy Indian masses and world community” as a proof of September 29 surgical strike inside Pakistan.

It is pertinent to note here that a number of Indian media outlets reported that Indian army is providing videos to its government as a “proof of surgical strike” inside Pakistan to satisfy the general public and world at large which has since rejected the claim.


Senior Indian politicians rubbish Modi govt’s

surgical strike claim


On September 29, Indian army claimed alongside its FO spokesman that they have carried out a surgical strike on “terrorist launching pads inside Pakistan” but Pakistan army not only rejected the claim on that very day but also took journalists and observers in Azad Kashmir on October 1 to see through their eyes that the Indian aggression was in fact a ceasefire violation alongside Line Of Control (LOC) which killed two of the Pakistani soldiers.

Speaking to journalists in Bhimber sector of Azad Jammu and Kashmir on October 1, Director General (DG) Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Lieutenant General Asim Bajwa said Pakistan Army caused heavy casualties on the Indian side of the border when the forces retaliated cross-border firing by Indian forces, which killed two Pakistani soldiers.


Pakistan ‘befittingly’ responded to India’s

ceasefire violation : DG ISPR


‘Indian army shooting fake videos to show proof… by arynews





Web Desk
By Web Desk October 5, 2016 23:23
  • Salman

    Can’t wait to see the video of the alleged ‘surgical strike’. The Indian establishment who are already in a quagmire will only shoot themselves in the foot with a heavily edited video that will only appease their wilful public. A sucker is born ever minute. I bet the quality won’t be great, it will be fast paced, jittery in parts and won’t depict the events immediately before and after the so called ‘surgical strike’. Provide us with the co-ordinates of the location of the daring raid please? If the Russians can provide video footage and co-ordinates of a strike on terrorist bases within hours because another country calls its’ bluff, then how come India can’t do the same? Because it takes days to weeks to get a working script together with perhaps a helping hand from (wink, wink) SITE run by Rita Katz, the woman who churns out fake militant videos.

    Please Kashmiris on the Indian side, send a drone over with real time video streaming where the army is shooting a video. You should be able to capture video footage of their dry run drill before it is shot down.

  • ingeborg Malik

    just wait and watch & not speculate

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