Indian army warns Pakistan of “unexpected damages”

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By Web Desk July 21, 2015 14:32

Indian army warns Pakistan of “unexpected damages”

“There are certain elements across the border who want to create trouble on the Line of Control… we have to give them certain unexpected damage to so that they don’t repeat it in future,” said Lieutenant General KH Singh, who commands the 16 Corps.

The officer claimed that Pakistan started shelling and firing on villages in the Poonch sector in Jammu on Saturday on Eid because India had managed to stop terrorists from crossing the border just two days before that. Five civilians were injured in the area.

“One girl was killed on the Pakistan side – we regret the incident. The Pakistani army also suffered major damages. They chose the Eid day to retaliate and targeted our civilian areas after Eid prayers,” he alleged.



Web Desk
By Web Desk July 21, 2015 14:32
  • Ameer Paul

    No other option for Pakistan Army except PROMPT AND WELL EXPECTED DAMAGE TO INDIA and it’s forces after their General’s warning.

    Let’s see wHether INDIAN UNEXPECTED or PAKISTANI EXPECTED, which works.

  • Ameer Paul

    Indian Army should now receive an EXPECTED DAMAGE because of it’s announcement of an UNEXPECTED DAMAGE to PAKISTAN Army.

  • Ameer Paul

    Indians will keep on saying foul language, but when the real things cvome Pakistan gives them unmatched punishment. They cry, HAI RAM, OOM SHANTI OOM SHANTI, then start the same game again. POOR INDIANS.

  • I know you wrote this by crying………….next bullet is into your mouth don’t have any other job? You are the best beggars…………..your army and your Navas are friends? no..whenever Navas put some good efforts, your army(tactually they are terrorists) will fire India and get a big damage back. Your Army know you guys are fools and shouting like India Kashmir, blablablabla is enough for you fools

  • 1:4 India gave befitting reply…………kudos to Indian Heros…….

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