Indian soldier brings shame home at ceremony marking ‘Pak-India war of 1965’

Kashif Imran
By Kashif Imran August 30, 2015 15:49

Indian soldier brings shame home at ceremony marking ‘Pak-India war of 1965’

The ceremony was being held at India Gate, New Delhi, when soldiers of Indian army were all set to display the “military splendor”.

It was then that a soldier fainted and others standing nearby reached out to help the poor fella.

Well, it is not just about the physical state of the Indian troops, according to a leading Indian daily, 597 military personnel committed suicide between 2009 and 2014.

Another Indian paper slammed its military for confessing that soldiers of its 15th infantry div responded to Pakistan attack near west of Ichhogill canal with fear “dar kar muqabla kiya”.

Whether to say ‘by mistake’ or whatever, truth always prevails!

With its troops in such physical and mental state, the nuclear-armed adversary is bent on pursuing its aggressive agenda in the region providing nothing but a laughing stuff to others.

Yesterday, the Pakistan Army’s Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) had released images of the 1965 War sighting Indian troops running from the battlefield leaving all their weaponry behind.

Click here for complete story: Pakistan releases treasure trove of photographs from 1965 War



Kashif Imran
By Kashif Imran August 30, 2015 15:49
  • S.H. Khan, MD

    This could happen in any army to the best trained and acclimatized soldiers. Yes, that also includes Pakistan army and 23rd March parade. Having differences is one thing. But, if this is what causes one to become gleeful and make front page news, then we are in a sorry state indeed. Let the neighboring country do what it will in its own backyard. Pakistan needs to focus on its own problems!

  • Sushruth

    This article is absolute nonsense. Just google “fainting soldiers” and you will it happens to soldiers from every country.
    Nothing to do with physical fitness. They are human beings after all.

  • Patriot

    Very bad Reporting..If the guy had poor physique ,he would not have been selected in the defense forces..Could have been his bad day..Doesn’t mean media has to call this out and be so rude with the unnecessary headline ‘Solider brought shame in the ceremony’…He did not bring shame..If YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT BRINGING SHAME IS , THEN YOU NEED TO SEE SOME OF THE POLITICIANS AND INTERVIEW THEM’..It was his bad day..Extremely irresponsible reporting..Immatured..Which company selected you for reporting??..They must hang in shame…

  • IAF101

    One soldier out of 1.3 million faints and apparently it means “Indian Army is in poor physical shape” ?

    Seems like this journalist is the smartest man on the planet.

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