Indian soldier who crossed into Pakistan was ‘upset with senior’: Indian media

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By Web Desk October 2, 2016 09:17

Indian soldier who crossed into Pakistan was ‘upset with senior’: Indian media

NEW DELHI: Indian soldier Chandu Babulal Chauhan, who sneaked into Pakistan after the cross-border firing, was upset with his senior officers and decided to march towards Pakistan in a fit of anger, claims the Indian media.

According to the report on Times of India,  Chauhan was reportedly upset with his immediate superior in Rashtriya Rifles.

Indian solider who tried to infiltrate Pakistan territory was captured. Picture source: Hindustan Times

Indian solider who tried to infiltrate Pakistan territory was captured. Picture source: Hindustan Times

The TOI reported its sources in the security establishment as claiming that  Chauhan, who hails from Maharashtra, was not connected in any way with the  surgical strikes, which Pakistan categorically denied, allegedly carried out during the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday. “In fact, no surgical strike happened at the spot from where he crossed over to Pakistan.”

“The soldier on Thursday afternoon started marching towards the LoC in a huff, still armed with his weapon, after an argument with his immediate superior. Apparently, he was cautioned by his colleagues as he marched towards the LoC but paid no heed to their calls not to stray into Pakistan”, the report said.

Attempts being made to bring Indian soldier back from Pakistan: Rajnath Singh

He was later arrested by the Pakistani forces deployed across the LoC.

After the capture of India soldier, India’s Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh addressed a press conference and said that all attempts were being made to free the Indian soldier who is in Pakistan’s captivity.

“All attempts are being made to secure his release,” Singh told reporters in the Indian capital while assuring that Delhi would take up the matter with Pakistan soon.

Chandu Babulal Chauhan, a soldier serving with the 37 Rashtriya Rifles, was captured after he “inadvertently crossed over to the other side of the Line of Control”.

India claimed it conducted ‘surgical strikes’ several kilometres inside the Pakistani side of Kashmir during the wee hours of Thursday in a bid to prevent alleged terror attacks being planned in major Indian cities.

However, Pakistan said two of its soldiers had been killed and nine more wounded in what it described as small arms fire, dismissing the talk of surgical strikes as an absolute ‘illusion’ strategy to whip up ‘media hype’.

Here’s the video of Indian soldiers killed during cross-border fire. However, the footage is yet to be officially confirmed.

VIDEO: Six Indian soldiers killed, one captured… by arynews



Web Desk
By Web Desk October 2, 2016 09:17
  • Salman

    Funny, the Indian media are cooking up this story for damage limitation. So, let’s get this straight, the Indian Jawan has beef with his superior and decides to defect to the enemy side, without being shot at? How did the Pakistanis realise that he was a defector and give him safe passage? Did he wave a white flag at the Pakistani Jawans? Who do they think they are fooling? The ‘surgical strike’ claim is so incredulous that a few of their own free thinking critical minds in India are asking some unanswerable questions to the Indian military chiefs. A four hour special black ops campaign, which involved helicopters and paratroopers (now backtracked) 4km deep into Pakistani LOC territory, without being detected? Yet, no shots were heard from any surrounding villagers. No footage of strikes, no co-ordinates of the said locations, no funerals of the 14 alleged terrorists killed. And the paratroopers were safely picked up again from enemy territory? Hell… not even a spy pigeon can fly for a few metres without being detected on radar. No burning ash smoke seen for miles, even villagers have smart phones to record the devastation after such an event. Where are the craters of these busted bunkers? One only has to view Indian media for 5 minutes to see how much vitriol they spew against the so called ‘enemy’ across the border and the public are so gullible that they lap up lies without even giving second thoughts. It’s a catharthasism for them. Your media is an indoctrination tool, who fill the gaps to an otherwise implausible narrative. If you state a lie enough times, it becomes a truth. Indians are being played like a fiddle, though not ALL.

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