Punjab Food Authority’s crackdown spreads to Islamabad

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By Web Desk September 10, 2015 15:02

Punjab Food Authority’s crackdown spreads to Islamabad

What Ayesha Mumtaz had started in Lahore, spread to Islamabad. Wednesday was a busy day for the city administration, as scores of officials raided many eateries across Islamabad and hauled those who were serving substandard quality foods off to jails or imposing heavy fines and sealing, closing down the establishments.

According to various reports circulating in the local media, as many as 51 eateries had to endure fines, closures, arrests and crackdowns. As many as 37 food adulterators were arrested and 17 outlets were sealed.

The action was large-scaled and all who were found violating the standards of hygienic food, were punished. High-end restaurants and popular joints, including Chaye Khana and Savour Foods also had to endure fines, closures and arrests.

The campaign titled “Anti-Adulteration Campaign in the ICT” arrested around 37 owners of food businesses and almost as many as 17 FIRs were launched across police stations in the city. The restaurants which were fined and sealed include House of Bombay, Savour Foods, Rahat Bakers, Best Western Hotel, Hot and Spicy at Bahria Town, Café Oxygen, Gujranwala Restaurant F-10, Karachi Nihari F-8, Food Garage F-8, Chaaye Khana, Habibi Restaurant, KFC, Jamil Sweets, Orient at F-10, Roasters, Sheesha and Smoke Villa Bahria Town, Ashraf Bakery, Zeeshan Bakery, and Chaudhary Bakery among others.

Director of Punjab Food Authority (PFA) Ayesha Mumtaz was mot part of the raids that were conducted but seven food inspection teams headed by different assistant commissioners of ICT Administration.



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By Web Desk September 10, 2015 15:02
  • Taimur Khan

    Penalties or temporary closure isn’t enough. The owners must be locked behind the bars to set an example for the rest. Moreover, these authorities must create a corruption-free system for checking up on routine basis. Otherwise, all is for naught. Lately, I have been asking myself are we really a Muslim country? Have we stooped so low for personal gains that we will do anything….even if it is something forbidden in Islam. I am ashamed being a Pakistani at the moment. Allah help us and guide us.

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