Iss ko bahar nikalo: Finance Minister to reporter during post-Budget press conference

Azhar Khan
By Azhar Khan June 7, 2015 12:57

Iss ko bahar nikalo: Finance Minister to reporter during post-Budget press conference

The minister was addressing a press briefing when a reporter interpolated and threw a question at Mr. Dar. In reply, the minister  hit back in an aggressive tone, saying ” Main briefing dey raha hoon ya app?” (Who is giving a briefing, you or me?”

Once the argument ensued, the finance minister asked reporter “this is not the way [to behave].”

Dar asks to throw a journo out of a presser
Mr. Dar flew into the temper and said while pointing to the reporter, “Iss Ko Bahar Nikalo” (Get him out of here).

Some other reporters also rose to their feet and ruckus erupted during the presser. However, the issue was shortly resolved when some intervened to clear the air.

The minister was flanked by senior government officials including Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.



Azhar Khan
By Azhar Khan June 7, 2015 12:57
  • sense

    no one is allowed to ask question ………. KING’s Brother in law

  • akmal

    they think they are above everyone,how dare he tell some one to through a reporter out

  • Syed Imtiaz Abbas Hussain

    National Budget of Pakistan 2015-2016 was announced by Finance Minister Mr. Ishaq Dar have some weight and touched some strategic measures, which is the first time in democratic governments. I congratulate Mr. Ishaq Dar for such excellent presentation of budget. But still the budget raises following many questions, which need to be addressed before its approval:

    1. Budget proposes to withdrawn all the powers of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) of Federal Government for granting or refusing exemption in custom duties, Sales Tax , federal excise and Income Tax and given this power to National Assembly
    for approval of such notifications etc through Economic Coordination Committee of Nawaz Cabinet. Finance Minister didn’t realize that parliamentarians in National Assembly are illiterate, corrupt, and dishonest and many are subjected to fake degrees, so how come they may take painful, literate and professional strategic economic decisions. Forget about consideration of factors like national security, natural disaster, national food security, protection of national economic interest at the time of approval of notifications , parliamentarians will only consider how to take revenge of opponent political parties and their activists who are in business and on the top of it how to accommodate people who bribe them for approvals purpose. Please,for God sake, let FBR to take decisions professionally to save economy of Pakistan from collapse and more corruption;

    2. On-line IRIS was introduced by FBR with the objective to make income tax exemption procedure for imports and supplies of goods transparent and accountable, but this procedures are being massively misused and subjected to corruption by IRIS system feeders of exemption certificate by FBR inspite of the fact that FBR Member IT proactively and professionally monitoring IRIS system. Finance Minister could not address this hardship of genuine taxpayers.

    3. In tax regime there are provisions for audit by officers of Inland Revenue on routine basis and a special audit was created to overcome professional deficiencies of employees of Inland Revenue, to control corruption and to conduct professional audit to unearth serious frauds of tax payers and for these reasons firms of Chartered Accountants and Cost and Management Accountants have been covered in special audit. This budget proposes to spoiled the preamble of this purpose and to enhanced corruption by creating special audit panels which includes officers of Inland Revenue and any person directed by FBR. My question is what is the true use of special audit or double audit by same people now;

    4. Budget proposes to introduce concept of whistleblower by rewarding those, who report concealment / evasion of tax and unearth tax frauds. This is totally theoretical and can not yield result as who will knot the bell in cat neck, while in this era where people are save even after killing innocents.

    5. This budget proposes to enhance punishment to Non-filers by increasing rate of deduction of income tax at source. Finance Minister could not realize the ground realities that majority of non-filers, who have bank accounts are house wives and students whose husbands and parents are already in tax net, so these persons must be excluded;

    6. Budget proposes to introduce prize scheme to encourage business and non-business people to purchase goods and services from Tax registered person instead of severely punishing tax non-registered persons, just because Government can’t touch them as they are influential persons and having linked with political parties and their activists.

    7. Finance Minister said that on the recommendation of Prime Minister maximum rate of custom duty was reduced from 25% to 20%, then why parts of vehicles are subjected to 35% custom duty in First Schedule of Custom Act;

    8. Budget proposes to impose penalty on non-placement of Invoice and packing list inside import container / consignment upto Rs. 50,000/-, without realizing that why importer to suffer the mistake made by exporter;

    9. Budget proposes an option to exporters to opt out of the Final Tax regime, while tax at source will be treated as minimum tax. In previous comments / suggestions it was argued that when exporter is having losses even that tax deducted by bank
    on export proceeds will be taken as income tax under FTR regime, so exporter may be opt to go for Normal Tax regime or Final tax regime under these circumstance, but the budget proposal make this concept zero. Now the question is why exporter will go for normal tax regime while treating its tax at source on export proceeds as minimum tax and subjected to corruption under Normal tax regime;

    10. Budget proposes to increase funding for the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) from Rs. 97 billion to Rs. 102 billion just to accommodate Mr. Zardari, who has saved Nawaz Kingdom. Till now about trillion of amount has been used for BISP,
    which benefits political parties and their activists and never used for common citizen of Pakistan. Since every political parties are being benefitted from BISP, so never raise questions against it and never ask for audit, which will become scandal after change of government. If Finance Minister is sincere he should have address this huge risk;

    11. Budget proposes Federal PSDP for Rs. 700 billion which coupled with Provincial PSDP makes every year trillion of rupees, but its real use never witness and lacks transparency and accountability, as politicians and their activists are also
    being benefitted from this unaccounted for ghost fund. Finance Minister being professional accountant failed to mitigate this huge risk due to vested interest of democrats;

    12. The interest payment on loans is the gift of democratic government, which increases to Rs. 1.280 trillion, which was also not addressed by Finance Minister for how to control it. Measures to increase revenue is not an art, but to control leakages and unnecessary non-development expenditure is a real art of profession;

    13. In democratic government, budget is always for politicians and their activists and government employees and not for common citizen of Pakistan, although on ‘paper’ democracy means and is based on ‘of the people, by the people and for
    the people’. So as usual pay and benefits of government employees have increased by Rs. 46 billion

    14. Proposed sales tax for year 2015-16 is Rs. 1.250 trillion, which is contributed from end user / consumers, majority of them are common citizen of Pakistan as its burden never goes to businessmen, who pass on to other business sector under VAT system through input and output concept. Finance Minister should have address it how to minimize its burden on common citizen of Pakistan.

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