Judicial commission report on poll rigging made public — social media reacts against ‘clean-chit’ to PML-N

Azhar Khan
By Azhar Khan July 24, 2015 16:22

Judicial commission report on poll rigging made public — social media reacts against ‘clean-chit’ to PML-N

According to findings of the commission, it said “ the PTI was not entirely unjustified in requesting the establishment of a body to inquire into its suspicions and allegations regarding the 2013 general elections. However after the recording of evidence and carefully going through all the material placed on record the Commission finds as under in respect of each TOR.”

The 237-page document said that “Taking into account all the evidence on record, notwithstanding the shortcomings of the ECP as mentioned earlier in this Report, the 2013 general elections were in large part organized and conducted fairly and in accordance with the law.”

PTI chief Imran Khan accepts Judicial Comission report

The PTI had repeatedly claimed that 2013 polls were rigged systematically with the backing of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. PTI chief Imran Khan had accused sitting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of rigging the elections on numerous occasion.

However the commission in its report detailed that, “The plan or design to manipulate or influence the election has not been disclosed with any degree of specification by any of the parties to the proceedings nor is it discernible from the material placed before the Commission. Allegations against those allegedly involved in the plan/design also remained unsubstantiated by the evidence on record.”

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It further stated that “When the entire context of the elections are considered along with the meaning of overall basis, despite some lapses by the ECP it cannot be said on the evidence before the GEIC Report Commission that on an overall basis the elections were not a true and fair reflection of the mandate given by the electorate.”

The PTI chairman, however, accepted the findings of the commission. He underlined his earlier pledge to accept the judicial commission report –whatever it may be.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said the highest and most credible forum has authenticated the 2013 General Elections as transparent and free from rigging; and therefore, the chapter of allegations and false accusations should come to a close forever”, he added.

He said they are ready to forget what happened after the elections till now but it was unfortunate that the country was defamed by making fair and spotless elections disputed.

Click here for detailed report

Rage on social media after JC’s clean-chit to the PML-N



Azhar Khan
By Azhar Khan July 24, 2015 16:22
  • afzal

    SC decisions in 1958, 1969, 1077 and 1999 were correct. Therefore this decision is also correct but country will not be corrected.

  • I am a judge of a trial court and can guarantee you that people involved never tell the full truth. Their lawyers twist the facts in a very cunning way and submits such a tricky evidences that justice cannot be done. How come you can decide such a massive case in 45 days and without the production of all the witness and evidences. The main witness were Honorable CEC Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim Sb., who had openly protested the interference of Honorable Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry Sb., The other important witness was the ex-Chairman NADRA and all the four members of EC. The important witness in Pakistani context were Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf and Ashfaq Pervaize Kiyani; the NRO deal maker and guarantors to US to give full 5 years terms to PPP and PML(N) and clearance from all the NAB cases of corruption. The main witness in this case was also the officers of ISI who were involved in election activity if they have acted upon the orders of guarantor Mr. Kiyani. The court should have asked the calls recording, SMS, e-mails, recording of meetings of people involved in election. This report is as good as judgment of honorable Z.A. Bhutto. Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are already nominated in election rigging in 1991 as decided by SC. How could three judges impose convict Zardari Group and Criminal Nawaz family on people of Pakistan.

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